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We put The Captain down today. He was the best little guy we’ve had and over the last few weeks he’s been on medication. It started with a head tilt and wobbling and I said to dismal, “ok but I need one more symptom” because head tilts can be either an inner ear issue or […]

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Damien’s night out

He’s still so timid but he’s trusting me. I took Little Bastard and The Captain out and let them loose but I stayed down on the floor with Damien. He was usually on me, in my lap, on my shoulder, on top of my head… He went exploring about three feet around me and would […]

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I haven’t been here lately

The new rat occasionally gets his ass kicked by the two bigger boys. I still have to keep up with Little Bastard’s teeth trimming. The little guy is not being named until I know he’s big enough that Little Bastard and The Captain will not kill and eat him. My house is a swarm of […]

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