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I’m not a daily scooper!

Our house is a little nuts. I know that the rule is 1 litter box to each cat, plus one more. However, we’ve only found 1 good spot for A litter box, instead of 5 of them. That being said, it’s full every few days when I get to¬† scooping it. It’s also hidden behind […]

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Wacky Paws/ Crazy Paws ECO Carrier

*June 2017 – this carrier has been marketed as both Wacky Paws and Crazy Paws V2 since I originally posted. Pricing has also come down considerably from it’s $50 price tag. We purchased 3 additional from and ended up traveling from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, DC via car, with four cats in tow* this […]

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Let’s review:

I DO NOT LIKE THIS MODEL Drinkwell 360 in Stainless Steel I have written the company with no response. I have given it at least two weeks and I am letting you know how I feel and then I will be updating to sites like Petco and DoctorsFosterSmith. For about four years I was using […]

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