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The raw food

I’ve made two batches of raw food cat diet now, and I still can’t get it under 2 hrs. I made it on New Year’s Eve and again on Sunday, February 5th. I’ll be starting the new batch tomorrow. It’s well timed: I have 2 adult male cats that need almost 20 lbs of food […]

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I’ve got to do a lower calorie formulation. Eggs were optional so at 700+ calories, those are going to be left out. Skin from the thighs is optional so I’m going to cut out that. It was about 500 calories. Currently I’m pulling back portions on the two boys. Tommy is up a half a […]

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dietary changes

Tommy has been doing super well since a day or two out of the hospital. I’ve had he and his roommate on pre-made raw food and canned food so that he gets fluids in him throughout the day for his urinary health, instead of binging a few times at the water fountain and then peeing […]

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