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I never did document it

Coco died on August 18, 2011 at the vet’s office. She was taken in for an evaluation to be spayed. She had a history of cysts, with one rupturing in the office in February. My vet was basically “uhoh” when that happened so I asked him what that means. He told me (in February) that […]

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Coco died

I don’t want to talk about it right now. I put details on my twitter and my Facebook feed which is viewable if you are a friend of a friend for This is really stupid but I’m really messed up over it and I was wondering if anyone had anything at all even in […]

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Joys of parenting

I get so stressed. I got my tax returns back and took a few animals into my exotics vet. They have a practice so it’s 2 doctors. My usual one wasn’t available. I have used the partner other times without that gut feeling nagging me. We’re doing nothing with Cori’s pear shape. Her disposition has […]

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