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Deals on deals

I don’t have a job. For two weeks I was only giving the piggie wigs hay and produce snacks. We were out of pellets. Three of my pigs are underweight as is. I decided to grab a box of some weird stuff with my unemployment pay as soon as it came in. It’s got pellets […]

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Since the last post

On June 15th my employment was terminated. The vaccinations are going to wait. I was there for 4 years. This is weird. Most jobs I have had before working for this company led to an employment period of less than I year. I am not very prepared to care for my animals without this job, […]

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Updates on the birds’ digs

Well, I’m having to seriously think about new cages. This cage is really not going to work out for us for long. I noticed a few months ago that the paint was starting to chip. Now the paint is chipping more and more AND there is rust. It’s not widespread rust. It’s focalized around their […]

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