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Reality of a fire drill:

I only say “drill” because the building evacuated, the fire department came and they checked everything over and turned off the alarm. It could have been very real. I’ve been asked what my evacuation plan was should an emergency happen, while the nurses were interviewing me in my home after I’d gotten my family caregiver […]

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leashes and harnesses

I’m having a very conflicted evening. The conflict is presumably internal and I am a hypocrite. I’m going to note that my dog is not dog lover, loves people and has very few friends. Her friend was attacked by another dog today. Lila had a friend at my last apartment complex named Chico and he […]

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Come prepared

Jak broke a primary feather this afternoon, struggling with me over her flight suit. It was also a blood feather. I went to both CVS and Walgreens looking for hemostats, as tweezers just shred and shaft. They don’t carry them as an item or include them in any first aid kit. I came back home […]

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