#Basepaws DNA Catkit update #6 Tommy is getting sequenced

Tommy during his collection for BasePaws

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6 days later with the Green Cheek egg layer

No more eggs. Koi Monkey has been charming. She hasn’t been goofing off in her previous nesting location and is very active and outgoing. She talks to me all the time and we banter back and forth with our birdie phrases. Sometimes she wants to hang out with me personally, and sometimes she hops on my finger to go look out the window above the screen.

If I start talking to her from across the room, she’ll bob up and down enthusiastically to beckon me over to her.

I can’t say for sure that her chest feathers are in a state to grow back yet, as I can only get a good look at the area when she’s wet after a bath. Other than that, she’s absolutely floofy (floofie?) and it’s not blatantly obvious she began plucking.

I need to go fetch another sea grass mat from the basement to give the girls something to do after they destroyed the last one. It’s okay; it’s their job.

Tommy Gargoyle – The weight struggles with my cat

When Tommy was a young man, his mother overdid it and let him eat all the time, and balloon to 21 lbs.
That was me. I love this guy, and I didn’t know better.
We got his measurements taken at the vet’s office and they told me he was honestly a 13.1 lb cat underneath.
We took a few years and got him to his goal weight. I wasn’t sure we’d reached it until we had to do another vet visit for issues with him spraying. They updated his records with his new weight, and he got a prescription for Prozac.
Maintaining his weight was easy. He was 7 years old. I found out he was losing weight again last May, and we worked for 2 months to slowly bring it back up because he was due to go under general anesthesia in July for a teeth cleaning.
Why are you losing all this weight, Tom? It was almost a pound, and I hadn’t changed his diet.
I got him back up to 13 lbs, and later in January, I took him off the Prozac.
Here comes the weight loss again. He started acting like that kitten I met back in 2009. Instant metabolism at 9 years old.
He eats A LOT of food. He’s on a raw diet with 6 1/2 ounces a day, and the mix includes all the skin from the poultry. By comparison, Stewart is 13 lbs and only eats 4 ounces a day.
Tom still loses weight.
I have to supplement his feeding. You can do this with egg yolk, but I decided to use dehydrated raw from Stella and Chewy. We had received it once from Chewy to try on the girls (they haven’t liked raw food no matter how they receive it) and then from the booth at BlogPaws in Kansas City this year. He’s been getting 1/4 cup 1xday almost every day.
He’s gained a few ounces since May. Finally.
Tom weighed 12 lbs 6 oz this morning. Dude… that is a lot of food.

I did get blood done last year to check for hyperthyroidism, but he was clear. It’s an add-on test for another $100 from the regular blood work. When in doubt, “check it out”.

#Basepaws DNA Catkit update #5 : 9 lb Princess Yue Pants is Maine Coon

Yes, but not really.

“Because of the frequency of Domestic/mixed breed in the cat population, even a slight deviation from Domestic indicates a preference for this breed. The width of the marker indicates the exactness of our prediction. If your cat does not clearly match a breed, your cat is most likely a Domestic.”

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These are Princess Yue Pants’ Top three commonalities above.

4. Tennessee Rex
5. Birman
6. Devon Rex
7. Siamese
8. Japanese Bobtail
9. Himalayan
16.British Shorthair
17.Ragdoll (this is what we’d expected somewhere, and she has a little influence)
18.Egyptian Mau
19.American Shorthair

The Wild Cat Index they list for her is something that I truly don’t understand, yet.
Her top result is for the Fishing Cat.

What I am waiting for, as data presents itself, are the next reports for both “Health” and “Features”, so I can tell you what we’ve found and what to expect.

We do still have one cat pending: Tommy Gargoyle
Tommy is very different from his sissy, Yue. We’re excited over the next completed sequencing for him.

Tommy Gargoyle

So what does this mean?
TICA or The International Cat Association wasn’t even established until 38 years ago. It recognizes 71 breeds for competing in their championships. There are only 4,000 members world wide. Purebred cats don’t have the history that purebred dogs do when compared to the stats for the AKC (202 breeds and 134 years of experience).
Your cat may show many markings, temperament, build of a certain breed, but they weren’t selectively bred from that breed.
You have a beautiful domestic cat. Your best friend can be from many mixed lines and came out into this wonderful combination that is your own. If you do have a Pure Breed cat result, then your feline is in an elite class of well intentioned breeders bringing him or her into this world to make that breed better.

Your results will continue to update over time, though I can’t say how far apart the updates may be, as BasePaws recently made it to their alpha reports after a year of compiling.

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I truly think she’s done laying

Koi Monkey’s egg-laying adventures

We may be quieting down on this issue after re-arranging the cage. I don’t know that I see her swelling up with another egg inside. She’s in good spirits, and loves to see me and have a chat. She has this naked patch down her breast where the feathered have been removed, but she’s not sensitive about it. There are 10 dummy eggs in her dish. All the shells on the ones I’m removed have been solid, so I’m glad I’ve got her on a good diet.

I don’t recall where I had heard about Harrison’s. They didn’t sell it where I got Jak, and she was my first conure. I know they sold it at the shop where I got Koi and Idris, but I don’t think they were feeding it to their birds. Maybe I’d asked my veterinarian? Vets are cool like that. They are also getting Nutriberries.

I feed Harrison’s to my conures, but my parents feed Zupreem.
They have had their pair almost as long as I’ve had Jak, and have only had to deal with eggs once. Their female laid three. How fortunate. My girls are also ridiculously tamed compared to their cousins. My parents’ pair will call you over to talk to you, but you best not come within 2 feet of them, or they will flee.

Koi Monkey as a toddler

May #ChewyInfluencer with Lafeber’s Nutri-berries

This month we chose two bird products from Chewy, at no charge to review –
But life got in the way.

If you’ve been following along, my middle-child-bird has been laying eggs and disrupting the entire flock dynamic. One of our items is on the back burner for another time, but the Nutri-berries have been well received by all the girls.

Click here for the varieties of Nutri-Berries on Chewy for your birds, whatever size they may be

We’re been using Nutri-Berries for years and were very excited when Chewy started offering them. It’s been more difficult to locate them at retail since I moved to the D.C. area two years ago, and now I can put them in my usual Chewy orders with no fuss and no shoes on. We sampled the Classic flavor this month for the first time, and Koi Monkey was as excited to have them as she’s always been. If I needed to get her out of the nest, I opened up the Nutri-Berries. They are also a complete food that encourages their natural foraging abilities.

I’ve got two videos to share with you. The first is a few minutes long, when I was learning to play with YouTube and the girls were very young. The second is less than a minute, posted to Instagram a few days ago.

Everyone is so moody this month, but come running for @nutriberries @chewy sent us these for no charge to get the flocks' opinion for #chewyinfluencer for the month of May. The same day our Chewy Box arrived, Koi Monkey (cinnamon) started laying eggs with her girlfriend Jak of seven years! Most of her eggs have been pulled and replaced with dummies, but two in the dish are still hers. She leaves the nest immediately when LaFeber's @nutriberries come out. "All the nutrition of pellets + All the benefits of foraging" Chewy carries a variety of nutriberries to suit your birds' tastes. We've now tried them all except Popcorn. "Classic" has been a great addition this month to her regular diet and something Koi looks forward to while she's taking a break from sitting on her eggs. #parrot #middleagedmom #yum #birds #greencheekconure

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All orders $49+ ship free with 1-2 day shipping. I hope your flock enjoys their Nutri-Berries.

Egg laying continues in all female flock – Phone consult with vet tech

By accounts, Koi Monkey is likely to lay an 8th or 9th egg by the weekend. It looks like she’s started plucking her feathers from her underbelly, but I haven’t seen those little feathers in her nesting bowl. Any time I put bedding in her nesting bowl, she takes it out. She’s starting to bulge again, so I called my vet office.
The tech said if I can move the cage to a different location, that might make her feel stressed not to lay. Unfortunately, this house is too small. Aside from changing the light cycle, I was also told to rearrange their cage as entirely as I can.

I took a bunch of stuff out, moved lots of things around, went downstairs and got some old stuff out of storage, and rearranged their cage.
I also took her last two eggs out of the nesting dish to inspect shell quality and to replace them with dummies.
My Monkey is sitting on 9 dummies.

The goal now is to see if she stops within a week/week and a half. If she continues to lay, we might need to make her an appointment for hormonal intervention with the vet.

Before the last two eggs were swapped for dummies. If you look carefully, you can spot them.

Latest on my little egg layer

I’m hoping to wrap this up, but we’ve got either egg #6 or egg #7. Someone keeps kicking eggs out of her grouping, and I put them back and she’ll take it immediately and tuck it under her. I went ahead and ordered her the nest from DummyEggs.com as well, and I’m thinking that it’s going to arrive today since everything they ship gets here swiftly. Then she can nest on these dummies in peace and not wonder about replacing an egg that some jerk hole has kicked out of her clutch.

I was wrong. We keep finding eggs.

She may be up to 6 by now. Koi keeps laying on the dummies, and Idris keeps messing with her.

I’m going to buy her a nest since Idris keeps stealing the eggs.