#furbliss #vetniquelabs Silicone brush for your pets

I was sent a Furbliss in blue (for short haired pet) for free, in order to give honest reviews among various sites, and introduce you to the product.

DrsFosterSmith.com carries these in several varieties for your furred ones. You can use them on your dogs, cats, bunnies, and possibly even guinea pigs. I can’t firmly stand by the guinea pigs, because I’m not going to handle my ladies much this week. But boy, do piggle wiggies shed!

“The versatile and convenient Swiss-designed Furbliss brush provides a gentle and calming brushing action that massages your pet, leaving her in pure bliss. This 100% medical grade silicone brush de-sheds and removes sebum and dander. The back side of the Furbliss helps loosen fur and is a highly effective tool to remove fur and lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors.

Furbliss is also the perfect brush for bath time! Simply fill the compartments with your pet’s shampoo and scrub. Once your pet is clean and dry, run the brush through her coat to leave it shiny and soft.

Pet parent tested and loved by pets – this brush is simply Furbliss. Made in the USA.

Also available for short-haired medium/large pets, long-haired large pets, and long-haired small pets.”

The Furbliss is very gentle. Tommy Gargoyle hates being brushed or de-shedded, and I just let him hold onto that attitude, because he rarely sheds anyway and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him yack a hairball up. But, today I asked Tom to sit down with me, and I buffed his coat up well with the silicone Furbliss. He had nothing to say. No opinions to give. All he knew was that his mother was giving him affection again; it was that gentle. I still got just a tad bit of fur up after several minutes of trying on a cat that doesn’t shed.

It got better. I introduced it to my cat that loves getting brushed and de-shedded.

Here’s a video that goes from Box to Amalie

I would love to try the other uses Furbliss boasts, like assisting with bath time, but the last time Tommy got a bath was a year ago. This would have been really nice to have back when my doggy was living with me, so we could have some buddy bonding time with the tub and my Furbliss in hand to give her a gentle scrub.

I did get Amalie, my tortie, to drool all over my leg though.

Photo collection and comments from Guinea Pig Pen rebuild

I started off with cheap moving blankets that other users have verified worked for their small animals. I did a test on one in our top loader machine, and it came out noticeably thinner and left lint all over the machine, but wasn’t destroyed. I ended up taking the other five blankets to the laundromat and running them through a front loader on hot and drying them on hot, and they came out much better.

Here we go

Then I stacked them up on my living room floor, and had to lock my male cats up, while I measured them and started cutting 2 layers down the stack at a time. I let my cats back out. Had to cut my fleece:

Stewart found the pattern adequate

Next, you lay three layers of cheap moving blankets down on the fleece and prepare to pin the edges down.

Pin the edges with 2-3 inch safety pins, strong enough to pierce through 4 layers, with some brute force.

Good job, Mom!

Tom found the other mat I already pinned together while he was locked away

This is the tear down I was looking forward to in the dining room

You wouldn’t believe the stuff I had to sweep up that was trapped behind and under that thing

Then I cut the new tray size, after I repaired the litter tray that’s up against the wall.

We moved that into the living room

Tommy loves the new cat bed

I had to have Dismal help make the rest of the new pen and we got it up

But Tommy decided he wanted to be in the big reveal pic, so I obliged

Take Two, for the Gargoyle

I’m really sore today. It’s done. The liners aren’t pretty because I measured them fairly large. The girls did well, hanging out in the bedroom in their little swimming pool for 2 hours. I put 2 plush tunnels in their pool to get comfy in, but they shared the same one. I wasn’t ready to head downstairs and stuff their upstairs storage box with hay, so I put out another puck of their Oxbow Haystack.


#Basepaws DNA Catkit update #1

In the beginning of December, I posted about BasePaws and the process. As of today, we have our first update:

Congratulations! It’s a cat!

Do you want to tag a long with us and learn more about your fabulous feline?
Read more about the basepaws CATKIT, and order one today.

Princess Yue Pants has dreams of Royal lineage

January #ChewyInfluencer featuring Weruva Cats in the Kitchen

We were sent this item free from Chewy in exchange for an honest review.
Let’s start by reading about the product:

“Feed your cat like a member of the family with the Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. Inspired by the family kitchen, which is the heart of the home, each gourmet recipe is made with love and care to keep your feline feeling great. Also known as “people food for pets,” Weruva uses only the best ingredients that are high in protein—just the way your tiny carnivore needs it. And not only are they delicious and full of complete and balanced nutrition, but the easy-to-serve cans are an excellent way to supply your cat with necessary hydration. Plus, he’ll love the variety of tasty ingredients, like cage-free chicken, wild-caught tuna and wild-caught mackerel!”

Sounds fantastic!

Four enticing flavors

I wouldn’t really call it being suspended in a broth. It sets more like a gravy, and I found my girls leaving shreds in the bowl with nothing on them. They’d licked the gravy substance completely off.

Flavors are:

Funk in the Trunk, featuring chicken and pumpkin 51 kcal/can CRUDE PROTEIN 10.15% min
Chicken Frick’A Zee 78 kcal/can CRUDE PROTEIN 12.54% min
Lamb Burger-ini 77 kcal/can CRUDE PROTEIN 10.96% min
Kitty Gone Wild, featuring Salmon, Tuna, Sardine, Mackerel 53 kcal/can CRUDE PROTEIN 10.02% min

The girls really enjoyed these, aside from the seafood medley. They weren’t afraid to try it, but I didn’t raise them on the fishies. My alpha male, Tom, really wanted to get his maw in the Kitty Gone Wild, but he’s on a restricted diet for eating everything he could by age 4. I would love to indulge my lovable lard with whatever he wants, but he’s worked 4 long hard years at svelting down from 21 lbs to 13.

I’ll tell you that these 3.2 oz cans are a size that won’t fit any of your reusable lids, but opening up and leaving the entire can in the food dish with two hungry ladies did not leave anything behind. These also won’t break your bank for a premium product. The current list price is $16.68, but that’s not always what things cost. As of the date of this article, Chewy customer’s savings on this product are 17%.

Try it out. Stock up. Whenever you reach $49 on a Chewy.com order, your shipping is free and the order should arrive within 1-2 days.

New Project – The Guinea Pig Pen

I have supplies coming from Amazon. Packing tape, box cutter, zip ties, safety pins, moving blankets, a table with telescoping legs.
I’m going to turn the 2×6 C&C cage to a 2×4 C&C, and going to free up storage space underneath by more than just 14″x14″ compartments.
I’ll be washing the moving blankets on hot to see how much they shrink, then cutting them down and safety pin layers of them together with my old fleece cut to fit on top, from before I bought my cage liners. New liners are not in the budget, given that my girls are older. I have 3×3 liners in storage, but a third grid on width is really going to be cutting into space in our tiny dining room. I must have gotten them before Jen did the merger with Guinea Pig Market, because their section on liners says they don’t do custom work and 3×3 is non-standard.

I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, and only a plan. But I’ve made 10 pig pens before.
It’s time consuming, and takes math.

Tommy Gargoyle with his guinea pigs

Have you had a Runaway?

I got this today while I was driving home from errands

No one EVER wants to deal with this kind of panic. Today, my boyfriend took the brunt for me, and gave me a warning.

Tommy has gotten out at least three major times. You hope for the best, but have that sinking feeling that either someone else is going to find your cat and fall in love with them, or they’ll be killed. Some people have some amazing stories like finding their cats after months, or even years, but in reality things aren’t always so heart-warming.

The first time I lost Tom was when I was living in Mesa, Arizona, in my first apartment. I lost my cat. I couldn’t figure it out so I went walking around the apartment complex hurriedly looking for him until I decided to take a break to think, and was back by my unit. The new neighbor that was moving in called down to me “Are you looking for a cat?”. -“Yeah!”. “He’s up here.”
My cat got out while I was coming back from the mail or something, and ran into their unit while they were moving in, decided to make himself at home, and was HANGING OUT ON THEIR DAUGHTER’S BED without permission.


The second time he got out was in our upstairs apartment unit in Gilbert, Arizona. He popped the window screen in the master, and hopped up and over onto the roof over our front stoop. OF ALL THINGS. TOM. Dismal ended up being able to call him over to the edge and reach out to scruff him, and haul his 18 lb lard back into the bedroom through the window.

The third time freaked me out. It was our first East Coast winter as a family, and now we live just off a major road. There was snow on the ground, and I was arguing with the Fed Ex guy, and he got out. Two cats strolled out, actually. But, we only noticed Amalie. Hours went by and it was time for the boys’ evening meal. Only problem was there was only one cat. We walked up and down several streets for an hour until I gave up and decided to wait at home with the front door open so I could see out the storm door, hoping I would see my cat walk back up. Eventually my boyfriend comes up with my cat in his arms “Open the door”.
The big blue pumador was under the neighbor’s porch, ignoring all our calls, until Dismal decided to walk into their yard and start shining the flashlight around and caught his eyes. He said he got within about 10 feet of him and just called his name, and this guy walks up to his dad.

I hope that if that Russian Blue on New Hampshire is an escape artist, that their family finds them or someone finds them that will love them, and keep them away from the traffic on that busy street.

Crazy CatLadyBox January video

This month included a hoodie, mug, pencils, and a stuffy snowman and purple snowflake wand for the kitties.

Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Litter

Fresh Step sent me this new item to review for their website, at no charge.

Fresh Step Clean Paws

First off, let me say that we’ve been using paper litter for nearly the entire year, so we already have something that works well for us. It doesn’t work for everyone, so I wanted to test this litter to see what I could tell you about it. I do favor unscented litter. There is my #1 bias.

This new litter has the power of Febreze, but they have made improvements vs other Fresh Step scented litters I have used in the past. The thing I don’t notice these fragrances on is actually masking the smell of waste, but the scent on my cats’ little feet when they come up to me for a visit and to hang out with their mother. “Ah. You’ve been in the potty box, again.” – Fragrance.
This time around, the smell on their feet wasn’t quite as bad as it has been previously, but again, I choose none.

As for the low tracking and dust, I think this is not a toot to their own horn. Fresh Step really did get a lower tracking, less dust formula. I don’t have a litter mat out (we’ve been using paper) and the litter was usually confined to a foot or so in front of the litter box we were testing this on. When I first filled the box, I did not have a huge burst of dust come up at me. “A” from me. My boyfriend did not feel the same way I did. It was his idea we switch to paper, and any litter outside the box or any dust, was not good for him. What would you expect?

One item of note: This was the living room litter box. Dismal tried to run the Roomba, and said the particulates from the litter tried to clog the filter on the vacuum, and it needed a bit of maintenance. Maybe use this in a bathroom.

I would also add that this clumps very well. Too well. I had to dig and dig to get it off the bottom and sides of the litter box. Amazing.
This could be attributed to the fact that we were given the 12.6 lb box in a house with four cats and couldn’t keep it deep enough. In fact, that box did not make it an entire week. If you have only one cat, you might be able to get 2 weeks out of it, but that’s just speculation.

Fresh Step does offer a full ten day Odor Free Guarantee:

“We stand by our litter. No matter how much your cats stand in it.
Fresh Step® clumping litters feature 10-day odor elimination with the power of Febreze™. If you find things are getting stinky before 10 days, just download the form below and send it in for a full refund.†”

Read more at Money Back Guarantee

I’m still waiting to find out where this is going to be up for sale. It’s a great new item to try, if it works for your household. Not everyone wants to sift through loose paper soiled pellets, and would much prefer a tight clumping contained scoop of waste removal.

I never found new Fresh Step Clean Paws litter on my cats’ feet on the duvet like I had with old Fresh Step before we changed things up after Tommy’s surgery last year. My basis for comparison are formulas like Ultra or Triple Action. I would get any 42 lb bag of Fresh Step Unscented at Petsmart for an average of $21.

Is your cat driving you nuts?

My eldest male, Tommy Gargoyle, really has his days sometimes. They were on hiatus for a great deal of time because he was on Prozac for over a year. He was so pent up with anxiety that he was spraying everywhere, everyday. I decided in December to take him off, and see what happened.

Today is an off day.

He’s running around the house, knocking things over, ruining a moderately priced box of confectionery, about to knock my dvd player over that has my massive collection of the entire Futurama series, leaping up door frames, trying to leave the house, going nuts in the kitchen while I’m making potato salad, then having a massive fit when I pull out the jar of mayonnaise, getting up from a solid nap every time I leave my place on the bed to use the restroom and petting me while I’m on the can WHILE HE TALKS TO ME ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT.

I am so close to giving him a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet, but last time he had any, he’d built up a tolerance…



When you lose another member of your guinea pig herd

You don’t get enough time. It’s dumb, because it’s unrealistic. I had an 8 year old guinea pig start to get poorly on me, and I just kept telling myself I could get another year out of her. That wasn’t fair to her, because we’d had a long full life together. She gave me two more months, and was on her way.
I already lost Ruby a few months ago, and it rubbed me the wrong way, because she was only 2 1/2 years old. Freak, sudden thing. I just found her one morning passed onward to the Rainbow Bridge. The kids thought it was odd because her mother is still alive.


Yesterday morning Potsticker would not come out and eat daily salad pile I always put out. I whistled for her to come out, and she didn’t respond. I pulled her out of hiding and put her right up to the salad pile, and she told me right away that she felt really yucky and just wanted to go lie down, so she quickly waddled away to a secluded part of the cage.

I get on the phone and call the local place, which is always full, and then the vet office in Fairfax, VA. I got her cage together and fetched her out of hiding and placed her in the cage. First, she ran to hide under the pile of hay, then eventually realized the cuddle sack would be more appropriate and buried herself in there. I didn’t see her again.

When I got to the office, they took the cage to the back for vitals, and found her temperature at 94.5 degrees fahrenheit. They kept her on the heating pad, trying to bring her back up to a respectable piggy temp. They gave her meds, sub-q fluids. They said she need to get her temperature up high enough to address the rest of her symptoms and get her into radiology. So, she was running cold, and having difficultly breathing, but wasn’t wheezy, crackling, or presenting with runny nose. She was downright crummy.

I left her with them, and got a call a few hours later that she didn’t make it.
If I want to know with certainty what she died from, it would be a minimum $200, and I have 9 other pets to take care of. Suspicions were either her heart, or something in her lungs like a mass or fluid (pneumonia).

She was going to turn 3 years old next month, and still her mother lives.

Dad and Mom at the Humane Society

Those two Abyssinians gave me a tiny, red potato.

Who grew…

… And Grew….

Peeg Butts. Auntie Mu-Xi with Potsticker roadtrip Phoenix to DC July 2016

… and got 15 minutes of Fame!

And then the little pork dumpling left one day

Love you.