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I’m excited to share something new with you beginning December, I just haven’t set it up yet. I got my materials, but I’m visualizing the article. 

Things have been nuts with 2 weeks of my back being spastic, then Thanksgiving dinner, feeding the boys commercial food again just because of the circumstances… I’m going to make them a new batch of their food beginning next week. 

I went a little nuts for Cyber Monday sales. I got 5 bags of CareFresh and 2 large bags of Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein for about $100. Then I put in an order to Amazon for bird toys, and redeemed Discover cashback and an Amazon certificate on that order. Today, I put in an order to for more guinea pig supplies.

I’m down to 10 pets, and it’s still a bunch of work.

The guinea pig calendars are up, and we made it in!

Cavy Madness 2018 Pet Piggies on Parade Calendar

We get our costumes from RatsRatLady on eBay, where there are also costumes for your favorite rats.

November #chewyinfluencer reviews

For November, we were able to choose two cat products (at no cost) to review for you.

We got help from all the cats in the household this month, but no action shots of the girls eating. I did get a great video of the boys that I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Chicken Wet Cat Food Cups, 3.5-oz, case of 12

You receive the food cups standing up in two plastic sleeves.

For being covered in gravy, you can still see a nice texture.

Perfect sized bites for the petite or prissy cats.
My only caveat is that this food cup cannot seem to fit any of my lids and it won’t re-seal. But at the rate they ate it, it never had to sit in the fridge overnight
What the girls did with this Nature’s Variety was to lick all the gravy off and come back later, and then finish what was in the bowl. It didn’t smell too different from their regular pate diet (by the same company) and on occasion, the alpha cat, Tom, burst into the kitchen and shoved the girls aside and started eating this food from their microchip feeder. No one in the house turned this away.

It’s in stock, right now, over on

Our other fun find was the Vital Essentials freeze dried treats. They have a good variety of flavors available for both cats and dogs, but I wanted my boys to try something new. Squeam if you will, but I got them whole MINNOWS!
Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats, 0.5-oz bag

Oh noes here come the fishies!

Eww omg there really are fishies in there

They love them. They’re only 41 calories per bag and are a guilt-free pleasure.
Freeze dried makes them shelf stable without cooking. Please wash your hands and surfaces after serving and it’s recommended to consume within 30 days after opening.

And if whole fishes really just aren’t for you,
Here is the rest of the cat treat catalog.

As with all orders of $49 and over, you get free 1-2 day shipping with

It’s all going to work out

I hit a snag. The timing of my running out of home made cat food for the boys is going to coincide with Thanksgiving. The downstairs fridge will not be able to accommodate thawing out 18 lbs of meat, a turkey, and then housing leftovers.

Bummer. Making my food is the cheapest way to get nourishment into my two bubs on an all wet diet. I had to go pick up some pre-made medallions from Nature’s Variety at Petco Unleashed, down the street. They are comparable in calories per ounce to the boys’ regular diet, so we don’t have to mess with new feeding guidelines.

I go do my grocery shopping and get back in the car to drive down the street to Petco Unleashed. I see that they have the Nature’s Variety Instinct raw Medallions and nuggets on clearance. I checked the dates on the medallions and 3 out of 4 bags said Best Used by X Dec. The tag said $12.xx. These bags are normally $21-25 a piece. I grabbed two and hesitantly took them to the counter. I said the tag was kind of just laying in the case, and I hopped it’d still apply. They asked how much. I said $12.xx. They scanned my first item and said “How does $6.xx sound?”.
“SOUNDS FANTASTIC. Let me grab another bag”. Then there was a 15% off Friends and Family coupon that is good through Wednesday and can be applied to food.

I got 3 – 43 oz bags of frozen chicken pucks for $16.xx.
That gets me at least 12 days of worry- free- no- BS- for- mommy- take- a- break- after- turkey- til- you- have- to- make- cat- food- time.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Don’t let the fact that the rescue you’re looking at isn’t brand new keep you from considering they may be the perfect fit for your home.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and I’ve done it too. Adult animals don’t turn me off. I love a great Previously Used *as the dealership likes to call them* pet.

When one of my rats died and left Jane behind, I hopped on the local Humane Society and found a 2 year old rat, just like Jane, that didn’t have a friend or home. April moved in with Jane and they became good friends, and April stayed on for 6 months before being put down. I knew they only lived on average 2-3 years, but it was a good fit, and I was glad to do it.

One time I was at Petsmart and I found Honey. She was a 4 year old guinea pig with a few small health issues, and no buddy. She was waiting there for the right home. I knew from years of experience that most of my guinea pigs only lived 4-5 years, but I wanted to take her and give her a good retirement along with a few of my other guinea pigs. She stayed on for 6 months, and was the sweetest little girl, taking her medicine every day and eating her pellets with her feet inside the dish. She lived with Chai and Mu-Xi Mu until she died.

Right now, our second to last adoptee is probably around 11-12. Amalie is our resident Old Lady. Finding a cat at the shelter over 10 years of age may deter some, but let me tell you about her. She’s perfectly set in her ways. She has excellent toilet habits and will cuddle with anyone that will let her. She has back pain from time to time that might be related to her having been front declawed at some point in her life, but if you discover she’s in pain, either pet that area gently or not at all, and listen to her cues. She also likes when you’re eating chicken, and will sit just in your side vision next to you until you notice she’s there and maybe offer her a piece. She’ll sniff it, but won’t eat it out of your hand and will wait for you to put it down. If you’re spending too much time around the house during one of her cuddle moods, she will wait nearby. If you see her… stare at her… then say “what?”. She’ll answer you with one meow that says “You’re working too hard and you need to come sit with me”. Ignore her if you want, but she’ll always speak the truth.

I’ve had kittens and I’ve had older cats, and I’ve had puppies and I’ve had older dogs. All of them need homes. Don’t think that you can’t handle an older animal because of medical bills. Eventually that kitten or puppy you got might need medical attention as well. Don’t think you can’t handle an older animal because the time you get will be shorter. You never know about that pet – You might have 10 more years with a 10 year old cat, or you could get 5 more amazing years with that 10 year old dog… Or you may end up giving them the best year or two left of their lives.

Over the past year we ran into a wall with medical problems with my alpha male. We thought we were going to lose him before he even reached age 8. We were ready to reconcile with this, that will were given 7 years with this wonderful, rambunctious, loving, smart, beautiful, chill boy; being so grateful we were given this short time with such a glowing influence in our lives.

You could find that older animal that fills that place in your life to make you think, that even if it’s just a few years, wasn’t that time with them totally worth it, and that you’d do it again if you had to?

Making cat food with Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from #TerraMaxPro

Disclaimer: I was sent a free bottle of the product to use in our home and share the benefits with you.

High quality fish oil is a MUST in your cat’s diet. I’ve been feeding a home made diet to my boys for almost a year now, and the veterinarian I consulted with about this diet change told me that if Tommy would eat it, always use the maximum amount of fish oil for the recipe. Tommy has a few problems. One issue we’ve dealt with is irritation of his bladder walls, and the doctor said this should help because of it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s also said that it can help promote weight loss, but Tommy doesn’t have that problem currently. He’s been enormous in the past, but he’s honestly able to eat more on this diet than he’s ever had before in his life, and he’s still a very svelte, if large, cat.

TerraMax Pro’s Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is sourced from salmon exclusively from the pristine waters of Alaska, using only sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing methods. The salmon oil is then purified with one of the best purification methods that exist, called Molecular Distillation. Molecular Distillation is one of the few methods that can remove heavy metals, PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable limits, making it safe for consumption.

Available on where you can shop for most all of your pet’s needs

Well… Here we go… Let’s make some cat food with our TerraMax Pro!

Your cat might love all that meat, but it’s not ready yet!

Debone your poultry thighs and get them ready for a partial cook for surface bacteria

While that’s in the oven, we need to prep the slurry. The fish oil has always been the longest part of this step because I’ve been piercing and squeezing about 60 capsules open, for months.

Not today. Our bottle of TerraMax Pro Wild Alaskan Salmon oil comes with two convenient tops: a squeeze tip and a pump.

A closer look at the bottle. It was a little smushed in postage

Now that I’m working with a pump, check out how fast this went to get enough of our salmon oil for this 21 lb batch of cat food:

Everything is ready for the slurry. Just mix into water well and it goes in the ground meat

Ground rabbit and turkey with the slurry

Add a pile of chopped up poultry for dental health


Your hard work has nearly paid off. Everything it well mixed, and ready to portion

Finish line. Only thing left is to freeze that box of food and clean up.

TerraMax Pro Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil isn’t just got keeping your cats healthy. It’s great for your dogs as well.

While *EPA, one of the two omega 3 fatty acids in salmon oil, can help with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints. * DHA, the other omega 3 fatty acid in salmon oil, is important in brain and eye development in puppies and kittens and is recommended for pregnant or nursing pets. Omega 3s also can help ease inflammation due to allergies, and reduce dry, itchy skin. This can be an effective way to potentially decrease the incidence of hot spots.

I love that I’m providing the best that I can for my cats. Tom thinks his cat food mix is delicious and is always asking for more. His coat is glossy, he’s full of energy, and is at the top of his game at 8 years old.


A healthy weight is important

I used to be really happy to have my fat, happy cat. There was so much of him to love and he never had anything to complain about. He was also about 18 lbs or so in this picture. This was not as heavy as I let him get.
August 2013 he was about 21 lbs and we started to take it seriously.
We took away free feeding. Scheduled meals with controlled calories. Tommy was always hungry. We worked for 4 years to get him to about 12.8 lbs. The vet had said ideally, with his body type, 13.1 was the goal.
And it can be done on dry food. Don’t let anyone discourage you from that if that is what you can afford. But, ideally cats should be on a wet diet; ESPECIALLY MALES. We made the switch late last year to home made food and a few months ago, Tom was losing weight again. He was down to 12 lbs. I worked slowly and got his weight back up, but with these guys (my other cat, Stew) you have to be religious about weighing them.
Once you have a cat with a weight problem, you might always have a cat with a weight problem. Their metabolism can change with age and activity, and you’re their caregiver.

I had to find out the hard way

Imagine my surprise to find out, when I weighed my cats today, after two weeks have gone by, that one guy is down almost 5 ounces. My first thought wasn’t that my cat was ill, but that maybe with the stress his dad has been under, he’s missed meals or something.

This guy

Stewart is 13 lb and change. He’s meant to be 12 lbs. We worked it out that he’s been eating 4 1/2 ounces to stop gaining. It’s been discussed that he probably needs to diet since he’s got a health condition. Stewburger has asthma. This is why we never adopted him out, aside from his salty personality.

I asked my boyfriend, “How much have you been feeding Stew?”.

With complete confidence he replies, “1/2,1/2,1,1, and 1.”

So, he hasn’t inadvertently been underfeeding him. He put him on a diet. He didn’t tell me we were doing this. And, he’s not wrong in his methods, either. When the boys’ weights need adjusted we do change it by 1/2 oz.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Maybe he thought he’d told me? He’s busy with family stuff, the university, the V.A., not sleeping well. How hard was it for him to come to the decision to put his cat on a diet in the middle of all this without his girlfriend firmly supporting him? I HAD NO IDEA.

We’re on the right track. The reason I don’t change the food to be low fat is because Tommy needs it. Tom is on 6 oz a day and had some real trouble keeping weight on months ago.

It never ends!

*shakes little fists at the sky*

It’s going to be tight. We have three ice cube trays left of food for the boys, and I just put one in the fridge.
Then I rush to gather 9 lbs of frozen rabbit and 10 lbs (bones to be removed) frozen turkey and rearrange the downstairs fridge and set out the meat on the shelves.

The meats takes 2-3 days to thaw.

So, I go check on this bag of commercial raw food nuggets I have in the freezer for such an occasion. There is enough for exactly 1 day.

You did this to yourself. You had an idea that you should have checked how much prepped food is left in the freezer two days ago to set out new meat, and you forgot, again.

Yep. It’s going to be tight. It’ll work, but whoa’yeah.

October #chewyinfluencer

As a #ChewyInfluencer, I receive free product to provide you with an honest review. October’s offers were pretty successful.

Oxbow Timothy Club Small Animal Mat

Tiki After Dark

The guinea pig’s mat was regifted to the cats, who love the thing. At the competitive pricing, I would buy a mat for my cats again, after this one is destroyed. The cat food was a resounding SUCCESS. My cats had never had Tiki before, and I was pleased to see that they had Tiki After Dark, as a variety that isn’t heavy in fish.
I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Pretty much the only time my cats get fish is if I’m eating sushi. The boys love sushi.

And as always, 1-2 day shipping to the US with any orders of $49 or over.