Priorities and Foster Failures

I have taken in animals with the thought of finding them a qualified home, and then something comes up. My second to last Foster Failure was my cat, Amalie. I brought her into my home, and then found out how bad her dental situation was. Instead of informing and new home about her condition, and hoping for the best, I invested in it and kept her myself. I had my parents cosign a CareCredit card because it was shortly after my bankruptcy*, just so I could take care of Amalie. Her gums were bloody and angry, and her teeth didn’t look right aside from the tartar, as well as one canine looking like it was trying to abscess. That’s it… I’m your Mother.

I’ve put her through 2 dental procedures where we ended up doing 5 extractions. Her last was Spring, two years ago. I checked out her mouth last month and one of her teeth looks questionable again, and the gums extremely angry. I’m not made of money, but I’m your Mother, so we have to make this work.

I also like shopping.

I keep going to websites where I usually look for deals, and then have to slap myself on the wrist because I have plans to pay those merchant cards off before April. I’ll be having a new balance on one credit card just for her dental, so I need to stop having payments on other credit cards, PLUS the conference and road trip in April so the balance is going to go up one a different card I’m using, and so will my minimum payment on THAT card. Juggle the cards. Juggle the cards. Juggle my money with Priorities and Foster Failures.

*if I’m bankrupt why am I taking care of new animals when the courts have proven I can’t take care of myself?
Reasons. Some people have children they shouldn’t be able to afford either; I just didn’t get my uterus involved.
Hello. My name is Lala. It has been 37 months since my last adoption.

Early Valentine’s Day gifts

I made Dismal a shirt of his cat, Stewart.

We went to the vet

I packed up Amalie and Stewart and we trekked to the vet yesterday. Amalie needed pre op for a dental, and Stewart hadn’t been seen in over a year and is on Prozac.

Amalie has always wished that we never let Stewart into our home. He’s wild. He moved in when he was approximately 10 months old, and hadn’t had his neuter, and he was a stray. It took him a long time to settle into being a house cat. Now, he’s cuddly and has some manners, but he’s still crazy. She knows this… so I had her carrier in the front seat and his in the back seat, and then at the vet Stewart would go first.

Stewart was apprehensive out of his carrier in the exam room. He kept walking around like a guinea pig. He did okay for not having his father there, and started growling during the exam because his sides got touched. He doesn’t like that. Then they had to draw blood just to get the a-ok to keep up on his meds. This is when the world hit the fan. He hates needles, and he doesn’t like you screwing with his vulnerable stuff. They had to take blood from inside his back leg. He screamed and writhed and thrashed and screamed and screamed and screamed. He was toweled in a double purrito with two towels. He kept trying to bite anything he could reach, which wasn’t much. He was hyper aggressive and violent. When he was done, the assistant and I pulled open the front of the purrito he was in at the opening of his carrier and then she and I pushed from the rear like ‘in the carrier, dude! that is your salvation!’. We locked the carrier up hurriedly and he laid down as soon as we placed it back on the floor. There wasn’t a peep out of him until later on the car ride home.

Amalie gets out of her carrier, and all she wants to do is cuddle. They go through the exam and she keeps arching her back, trying to make the routine physical into a love-fest. Ama loves people, loves lovin’. She had to have her blood drawn as well to check all her organ function, whites, and thyroid. The assistants come back in and grab my cat, and Amalie is into it. She’s got one tech wrapped around her while the other is doing the poking. No towels. No screaming. She lets out a tiny, soft whine, and I pet her face while they’re are finishing things up and she stops whining. And we were done. Then she went back into her carrier with little coaxing.

On the ride home, Stewart tried to talk to me again. It was clear he had over thrown his voice. He couldn’t get his words out; they were all broken up. That wild boy.

Later in the evening he decided to cuddle with me. Stewburger is just crazy. He’s six years old now.

I got my email from the vet this morning stating all was well with both cats and we will proceed with plans.
Stewart is cleared to go from 2.5 mg of Prozac to 5 mg of Prozac, if his father chooses.
Amalie is getting her teeth cleaning on March 5th. Now, she does have a history dealing with FORLs, so we might have to lose another tooth but x-rays will confirm. Read more about FORL here.

How far does your fashion sense go for your pets?

I have t-shirts with sayings about my guinea pigs and my cats, with clever puns and beautiful graphics. I have jewelry with resin cat skulls, a hair clip fall that I’d made after collecting my two conures feathers for a season, a special sterling silver strawberry pendant filled with my first three amazing guinea pigs’ ashes. I’ve got tattoos, vinyls on my car, my license plate says “WHEEK” surrounded by a frame that says “I’d rather be playing with my guinea pigs”.

Today, for me, it’s a new pair of Cat Eye sunglasses. I’m not making anything off this with affiliate links, so I’m selling you nothing: I’m sharing.

I’ll be road tripping in April from D.C. to Kansas City, MO. Then to Iowa and back over towards home. I needed new shades. My old one are a really modest, scuffed up, slightly cat eye Nine West pair I got from Ross, years ago.

I went a little more bold. I went a little more stylish:

Moderately sized, wooden, and polarized lenses

Amazon has these for $39.99 right now plus a $10 off coupon and they come in five different options. I just happen to get brown with grey lenses because I don’t like drawing attention to myself. *kaff/liesandslander/kaff*

Crazy CatLadyBox for February: Hello Spring

February is Pet Dental HealthMonth

This is the month of discounts for your favorite furbaby’s mouth.
The discounts are not as easy to find as they used to be, but ask your veterinary receptionist if they are running any specials in dental cleanings in February. So far I’ve received offers from 2 vets I’ve used in my area, as well as the vet I used in Phoenix. Values seem to range from $25-20% off your total bill. If you’ve been putting it off because it’s been cost-prohibitive, this has been the best time of the year to get your procedures done. is offering up to 50% off dental supplies for at home care today and tomorrow for both cats and dogs.

Oral health is a huge deal for me because I have a cat who is affected by dental disease. Amalie was taken in as a stray. When I saw the state of her mouth, I knew I had to take her to the veterinary hospital. She was diagnosed with FORLs, where the tooth dissolves from the inside out, and underneath the gum line. Even if the gums aren’t very irritated, a x-ray is very important to see the quality of the teeth, and which ones ultimately need to come out. Her teeth were caked in tartar, gums bleeding and recessed; I paid almost $1000 and had 5 teeth pulled, and was made aware she’d already had her tiny teeth in the front completely missing.

I try to take her in at least every 2 years for her cleaning and x-rays, and the last time we went in they only needed to extract just 1 tooth.

I even had to take my rescue dog in to get a bunch of work done during her first year with me. After they removed the tartar some teeth were so loose that the vet could just tug them for extraction. I was also made aware one of her molars were broken and had to be removed.

I would like to advise you that “anesthesia-free” dental cleanings advertised are more superficial than beneficial. You need to have your pet on controlled anesthesia so that the professionals can quickly and effectively work to remove plaque and tartar that has begun to accumulate beneath the gum line.

#Basepaws DNA CatKit update #2 Online Registration

Latest email

Bavarian Cat Toys

I had a situation. It was small, but I wanted a solution.
My aunt had sent me a weighted blanket for Christmas, and the manufacturer had the pockets set up in such a way that they made this ‘chhh chhh chhh’ sound when they were shifting around.
Princess Yue Pants thought this was fantastic. She liked the pounce on the pockets.

Yue knows how to make things fun.

I asked PetsWeekly founder if she had any ideas, and she told me about Bavarian Cat Toys. They’re filled with Valerian and spelt. They’re stinky and go ‘chhh chhh chhh’.

Bavarian Cat Toys isn’t selling on their website any longer, but referred me to check local pet suppliers or

Turns out Jeffers has a nice little catalog

The smell cats can’t resist!! Handcrafted in Germany with Bavarian-grown Valerian and catnip. Natural spelt filling give the toys shape and assures long-lasting quality and fun! Patchwork Sack, Cushion or Pillow offer 3 sizes to choose from and assorted fabric colors that may vary. Your cat will be crazy about these Patchwork Toys!

Note: These toys have a very strong scent that some people may find unpleasant, even though cats LOVE it!! The stinkiest cat toy your cat will ever love!!”

I bought the Patchwork Sack, Cushion, and Pillow for my four kitties and they LOVE them. I find them all over the house. When our roughest cat tells me he wants to play with me, I grab whichever one is nearby and toss it on him and he murders it.

The sounds and smell are so enticing, and we’ve been using them for a month and the stitching is excellent.

Patchwork Pattern

Dimensions for Patchwork Sack, Cushion, or Pillow Cat Toys:
Small Sack – 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″
Medium Cushion – 7″ x 6″ x 1.5″
Large Pillow – 14″ x 7″ x 3.5

If you want to grab some for your kittens, I would suggest signing up for the mailing list for the 10% off discount on your first order.

After all, he did the thing.

I know in yesterday’s post about the sleeping kitten toy I said it wasn’t possible, but I told Dismal that what I needed it for was done, and if he damaged it, that was okay.

I didn’t think he was actually going to go through with it, but he approached me later in the evening and said he got it. He got the original recording device out without shredding the little kitty.

The recording device I bought was actually pretty cool. It plugs right into your audio jack on your computer or phone and records directly, without any interference. Because, as we know in this house, I have three little feathered interference runners named Jak, Idris, and Koi Monkey.

We set it up to record on my favorite purring emulator site, which allows you to adjust several levels in a complex purr, and find the one that gets you most warm and fuzzy feels.

The snag, however, was that the box that holds the recording mechanism was too large to fit inside the kitten, and I asked Dismal “Can we just take the guts out of the case?”.
So we did.

The final touch will be needing to purchase some velcro to open up the underside and make the batteries accessible for replacing later on.
All of the modifications were made by breaking the contacts on the glue that held the kitty to the mat it rests on.

EZ Sound Box for recording up to 200 seconds of audio
Cat Purr Noise Generator

Babies R Here – Plush Sleeping Kitty Toy Gift w Sound

I received this item at a discount to review.

Find them here. They carry many different patterns and colors. I chose “Stuffed Toys 3” for demo purposes.

They package your gift in cellophane, resting on the little bed, and a conveniently placed Press Here sticker near the tummy, so you know exactly where the sweet spot is to get this little kitty to meow. I made a short video of highlights, and then we decided to try to disassemble it to see if the recording box can be swapped out with a third party recording device to get creative and replace the audio.
This cannot be done. The “meow” will stay with your adorable little kitty with the way this was assembled, and I’ll be gluing my cat back down to the little bed now that we’ve concluded surgery.

Not that you’d ever try anything like that.

This item did travel all the way from China, but I was kept updated about the tracking the entire time, even to the “out for delivery”.
Shipping is free and you have 2-6 weeks to receive your sleeping plush kitty cat.