We started 1 week ago. This weekend I will tell you more about #cleanprotein

Still don’t have the hang of it

Tommy is not bottoming out on losing weight. Our scales says he’s very close to hitting 12 lbs flat, and he’s supposed to be at 13. We’re going to be consulting soon with Dr Pierson from Catinfo.org over how and what I am feeding him. His weight loss trickling isn’t alarming enough that he has to see a doctor, but as a vet she can tell me in the interview if she wants me to have him seen by the local vet and run any more blood panels. In the meantime, he’s now getting an egg yolk a day at 55 calories to try to keep him level, and I’m going to have to run to FedEx tomorrow with his medical records to see if they can scan them to a PDF for Dr Pierson as our scanner is a bunk piece of machinery that can’t hold a WiFi connection and do more than 3 pages. Woo. Technology.

All the animals things came in post today!

My boyfriend is going to take one look at the living room and start judging me when he gets home.
I had about $140 in supplies show up from 3 different deliveries:
Oxbow Harvest Stacks Hay for when I go on vacation this summer
Cat Dancer
Toothpaste and Toothbrush to try to use for Tommy and Yue when they get their professional cleanings later this summer
New Snak Shak Log for the piggies25 lb sack of piggy food
Clearance Magic Muffs for the guinea pigs

Tommy got overstimulated and started doing zoomies across the living room until he had to quit and sat there panting.

catnip chamber

Just Google that.


It’s cute.

The colors are adorable.


You know what does work?

A 1 gallon pickle jar.

And it only costs $1 more.

Tommy Gargoyle modeling and sissy Princess Yue Pants #cats

@catladybox #catladybox Tommy got his package today #catstagram #cats #catsofinstagram

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Princess Yue Pants loitering in the kitchen #catstagram #cats #catsofinstagram

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Trying to get the swing of this raw diet

Tommy and Stewart started raw 5 months ago. It was Nature’s Variety Raw Medallions in chicken. Then it was bone in rabbit with turkey and 20% skin and I think 10 egg yolks.
Well they gained a pound.
So I’ve been doing rabbit and turkey without skin and no egg yolks. I had Stewart at 4 oz and Tommy at 4.5 oz. I got them back to goal. So Stewart was moved up to 4.5 oz and Tommy to 5 oz, but they were still slowly losing weight. I moved Stew up to 5 oz and Tommy to 5.5 oz.
Stewart has now held his weight for at least 3 weeks without losing and staying at goal. Tommy is still slowly losing. Geez man. We’re moving him up to 6 oz to see if he’ll stop losing, plus I just added in 2 pureed turkey skins into the new formula I made yesterday. I’m going to weigh him in 2 weeks and see if he’s stopped losing and if he’s even doing tiny gains or not. If progress isn’t where I want to be, then I’m going to take Tom’s daily allowance of food and blend an egg yolk into it for the day and then re-portion.
If he doesn’t stop losing in a few weeks we might need to take him to the vet.
I’m still trying to get the swing of this with Tom’s metabolism. Today he’s 12.2. Stewart is 12.08. They are supposed to be a pound apart.

There were no fewer than 4 large dogs

at this party I spent about six hours at.

When I got home I was interrogated by my cat. He was intimately sniffing me all over with his mouth open.

“Momsth. What were you doing wisth goggies?”

Nothing. Then I swap my clothes out and toss the old ones in the hamper to go do laundry.

Tom starts going through my laundry.

“Momsth. C’mon, I know there were goggies.”

Can you think of alternative use products?

I think the biggest purchase I kick myself for, but I’m glad I own, is my pet scale.
It’s accurate and it’s pricey and if I could have just figured out why it never looked like a scale at the vet’s office, I could have saved some money. Those scales at the vet’s office are often Infant Scales. Looking in that category, you can get a pretty decent one for $50. Maybe even one that has a smartphone app to track progress.

Go to Cost Plus World Market. Pick out a basket for $10. Give it to your cats. They LOVED IT. They curled up inside of it, had a few parties, scratched the heck out of it. LOVED IT. But it wouldn’t fit in my car for the drive from Phoenix to DC so we left it behind for bulk pickup. Le’sad.

I need to plant more wheat grass for the kitties. I looked at planters. I looked at bus tubs (ya know those things at the restaurant to clear your table) and then I looked at litter boxes. Now, in my house, these aren’t functional as litter boxes. I use storage tubs. You wouldn’t believe how small some companies make litter boxes.Less than $5 I have a new permanent wheat grass planter

I was looking for a low, wide, heavy ceramic dish to put in the guinea pig cages for transport or hospital stays.
Guinea pig dishes and cat dishes Search were not working, so take your focus onto the kitchen. I found Quiche Dishes. They were exactly what I was looking for. I’m not sure if this is the one I bought because I had my boyfriend use his account to Amazon Prime them to me faster for our road trip here. But, for years, my guinea pigs have eaten their communal pellets out of an au gratin dish in the big pig pen, which I found at Ross on the cheap.

I don’t know if these have helped with any inspiration in your household, but I hope so.

Art School in the Pig Pen

Snak Shak Large Log

Can they ever be happy just eating cat food?

Things my cat simply has to eat:

freeze dried meal worms for the parrots

black beans


chili with hot sauce




King’s Hawaiian bread in the wrapper

hot dogs

rib eye steaks

tortilla chips

mashed potatoes


egg rolls

creamed spinach


water chestnuts

cheeze its

All Dressed Ruffles


How about your cats?