Friskies Lil’ Soups Lickable Cat Treats #chewyinfluencer

Chewy sent us the Friskies Lil’ Soups to try out this month at no charge. It’s a cat snack – supplemental feeding/topper, what-have-you, but it’s not meant as a complete meal.

Click through to see the Lil’ Soups available on Chewy

The girls don’t usually like fish, so we chose the Shrimp in Velvety Chicken Broth, because sometimes shrimp and crabs are still okay with Princess Yue Pants. It went over very well. The boys went nuts for it.

They’re only fifteen calories, so YES, I let the boys share them.

It looked plain when I opened it, but then I found these pieces in the velvety broth

Stewart had a bad day a week or so ago with sinus pressure and he didn’t want to eat much, so his dad insisted I give him this to stimulate his thirst drive, instead of his dehydrated treats. The 1.2 oz cup is very favorable so that you can’t end up with a snarf and barf.

I can’t find these in stores anymore, but you can find them on
All orders $49+ ship free within 1-2 days.

Google is not a Veterinarian

It’s very useful, though.

Amalie is my stray that I took in years ago, and she ends up at the vet about every two years for her dental disease. Now, she’s at the concerning point in her longevity that she is a senior of unknown distinction.

My girl might be about 13 or so, and it’s been advised every year to get her full wellness panel. It is time, but I’ve been putting it off because our bills have been insane, all cats need their 3 year rabies renewed, and Amalie’s Wellness Bill runs about $400.

But, I think this week I need to schedule it because Google has told me the following:

Amalie may have just had an intense spell of nausea. I’ve never seen this before. I don’t keep plants in the house because of potential toxic ingestion. I wash out the food dishes all the time, and she’s already on daily CDB for her achy little body.

She was asleep for an hour or two on a pillow, and suddenly woke up to have large amounts of foam come from her mouth. I cleaned her up, and then she went to go sit alone under the cat tree for about ten minutes, until she asked if she could come lay all over me like old lady house cats have the right to do.

Thank you, Google. I think I’ll take her in and check all her values. She’s casually waving her tail over my arm, wondering when I’m going to notice I’m not petting her.

Would you play with giants?

I have this thought that will usually repeat every month, as to why they want to play with giants?

My rats were social and brilliant in their interactions with the humans. They play with giants! Giants that they can’t even “see”. We’re these large, blurry entities. They mark us with their urine so we’re easier to find, and they might not recognize us so well after a makeover. But, they love us, in many many cases. I would leave George with her rat, Jane, while I went to work, and when I’d come home and open the front door and call “GEORGIE!”, she would spin in circles. Her human was home.

The guinea pigs are naturally prey animals, and very few of them decided to interact with me, but there have been a few social ones.
Dear Giant, will there be treats? Yes, I will accept a noogie for treats. The nail clippers? I will still have tootsies when you finish? Okay, human.

The parrots are crazy. I have three, and two are bonded, and every morning they are happy to see me. I can ignore them, and they will call for me. I look over and declare, “WHAT?”, and they start bouncing with their ‘Yes, c’mere!’. I approach, and sometimes I will speak and other times I won’t, and if I put my face next to them silently, they will walk over and kiss my nose. We have conversations.
They don’t really need me. They have a cage that stays open all day, and they are partially or fully flighted, and from time to time they still call me over. I am huge. I have no feathers. Most of the time I sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.
I may be sitting on the couch, and Idris will cross the guinea pig pen to sit closer to me while I watch television. I might be eating, and Koi Monkey crosses the guinea pig pen to see what I’ve got. “Ha ha, Monkey… Nooooo *shakes head*”, and she walks away.
Why do they care for humans? We’re HUGE. We’re not supposed to exist in their wild.

Dogs have the Very Good Boy syndrome. Love their humans. Maybe humans are what happens when your wolf loses its fur.

If you think your cats don’t care about these giants, then I am sorry, but yours hasn’t fully ripened yet and was pulled too early from the cat tree. When I’m gone for the day, everyone wants to sit with me when I return. They believe it has been a week. One particular offender is Princess Yue Pants: She yowls outside my bedroom door for 2 hours after the house is shut down because she didn’t get her momma time in.
Dear Princess: You are 10 lbs. I am at least 4 foot taller than you, and several inches wider. My tail was removed before it was time to walk, as is customary in this country. There are 3 other members of your clowder. Why me?

How are we so trustworthy, comfortable, and familiar? Are we easily trainable and every species knows it?
“In the year one million and a half / humankind is enslaved by giraffe.”

Natural Balance Delectable Delights cat food #chewyinfluencer

Chewy gave us Natural Balance to review this month at no charge, and it turned out Princess Yue Pajama Pants was a bit too enthusiastic.

Catatouille Chicken and Chicken Liver Stew with gravy

Delectable Delights available on Chewy for cats and dogs

My girls are the fussy ones, more specifically Amalie, but neither of them like fish. Weird for kitties, right? But, it worked out well because from what I can tell, both girls ate this BUT I AM GOING TO POINT THE FINGER OF MOM AT YUE FOR BEING PRINCESS SNARF AND BARF. I can never put her Catatouille out if the bowl has been empty for more than 1 hour. Natural Balance has several flavors of these trays available, but only one as primarily chicken. The other option is a tuna and chicken pate called Land’n Sea Cats-erole. The other choices sound tasty like Sea Brulee Stew, O’Fishally Scampi, Purrrfect Paella, and Life’s a Beach.

Natural Balance Catatouille is made in the USA as grain free, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors and bleached ingredient-FREE
Delectable Delights come in a 12-2.5oz case for the cats and may not break your bank (depends… I’m kind of Holiday Broke right now), although you can save an extra 5% off with Autoship and Save.

obligatory Princess Pants photo

Any order $49+ get you free 1-2 day shipping

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and no animals were harmed – only mom

I need more raw food

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Stewart is down a half pound over the last six months, so he’s allowed to eat a bit more. Tommy has a chronically bony butt, and this boundless energy. Tom has been getting 6 1/2 ice cubes per day, plus 4 tablespoons Stella and Chewy (before re-hydration).
Except now for some weird reason this guy has been vomiting from getting more than 2 tablespoons S&C, but he needs those calories.
I figured that if I just made more of his regular food, I’m actually saving money. It’s cheaper than buying S&C, and I’m not wasting money if he’s not barfing it up.

We’ve been using all the skins (calories) on the turkey thighs for the homemade mix, along with the bone in ground rabbit. Dr Pierson lists bone in meat to bone less meat as a 2:1 , but when I Skyped her last summer she suggested to do our bone in/bone less at 1:1 to dilute the mineral content. Issue with this is breaking down the recipe…it works in batches of three pounds of meat. I’ve been using 9 lbs of rabbit and 9 lbs of turkey, but 18 lbs meat plus liquids is not enough. My intention is to take this up another third and start using 12 lbs of rabbit to 12 lbs of turkey. The original 18 lbs + does not cover the guys for 30 days, I am almost sure of it, and now they need more food.

I think I need more ice cube trays. I’ve got about a month to save money on ice cube trays.

I added the ice cube trays to my Honey Droplist (monitors price drops and emails them to me). My Honey Gold (so much Gold coming from shopping at Macy’s online this quarter) should be ready to cash out soon.

If you’d like to check out Honey, here’s my invitation. I run the extension on my browser. It checks for coupon codes and can also earn you “Gold” back from purchases made online.

Until December 31 is running a 10% off $100 gift card purchases with promo code 10%off100GC . They have a very large selection of meats to put your raw recipe together.

Single Pet Parent of the Week

I was going to put together a list of things I enjoy for my cats, and that you may as well for the holidays, but life once again happened. My mental health is oh so wonderful this time of year in a part of the country that still believes in changing time twice a year. In Arizona, I had more sunshine, and had a bit more gusto. My depression has kicked in, my physician moved my appointment back a month, then hasn’t refilled all my medications in a few weeks, and one of my very good friends decided things were unbearable and decided to take leave of this realm, without any goodbyes.

Things have been a little… different?

Now because of where we are in the month of December, tradition says my partner take his children to see their family, and I will get him back in about a week. Hopefully, this time the children won’t return until New Year, but that’s out of my control. I prefer more stillness and less stimuli, but I realize that while I am the only human in this house, the animals will not leave me alone! You really don’t appreciate the presence of that co-pet-parent in the house until you’ve walked around with Tommy Gargoyle up your bum the entire day.

I’ve been working on house work, and THERE HE IS. Laundry, sweeping, breaking down boxes and taking out recycling, resetting and cleaning the litter boxes, taking out the trash, feeding the girls, chatting with Koi, Jak, or Murphy… THERE HE IS. Mom takes a potty break? THERE HE IS.

When I take a break, or intermission from this dramedy, I look over to see my high red little pineapple conure hanging out 7 feet away from the big cage, looking at me all happy with her floofy going on, feeling that this is Spending Time with Mom. Idris is literally on the cat tree, feeling safe and comfortable, nearby her human.

Feeding schedule for the boys is 5:55 am, 9:15 am, 12n, 3 pm ALL CATS GET SNACKS, 5:30 pm, 9:35 pm.

My guinea pig gets morning salad and asks for treats all day. My birds start out by getting their UV lamp on and my handing them Nutriberries. By 10 am their cage ends up being opened and left open for most of the day except errands and impossible behavior, like chasing the cat.

There is no time for staying in bed. I took liberties today because I got up at 3 am for an airport run, took a 45 minute nap when I got home, fed them, went back to bed, fed them, and slept on the couch until noon through parts of Reservoir Dogs and Dawn of the Dead.

I’m just going to leave this here and call it a day:

Please do not eat that. I had a coupon for $1/2, and the girls prefer poultry. They have eaten Solid Gold wet foods before, and this one (I swear) wasn’t even wet. It’s mousse, pate, and shreds. I put some bone broth over it, and the girls drank the broth but would not consume this “triple-threat wet food… Your cat won’t even know she’s eating a meal that supports her healthy digestion with real pumpkin.”

Well to her defense: she didn’t know this -was- a meal.

The regular cans and Tropical Blendz were good.

Sympathies, Condolences, Holy Days, and the Florist

Please, oh pretty pretty please, DO NOT SEND traditional flora to cat owners on these occasions. I went browsing for arrangements this morning, after a friend died yesterday, and everything seems to be either lilies or orchids.
He and his widow are cat people, and these are highly toxic to cats.
When in doubt, Google is your friend, and hopefully the florist is wise to pet safety. One of their humans just lost a loved one, you don’t want to jeopardize the human’s sanity by the felines becoming deadly ill as well. These can be beautiful, but fatal bouquets without immediate and aggressive medical treatment. 
If you receive one, express gratitude, hug them, and do not even leave it in the same room as your cat. I got a lovely bouquet once, didn’t know if it was safe, and I put it outside on the patio. My cats stay indoors.

Depression in Guinea Pigs

There is a warning that prey animals can get depressed and die when they lose their mates, family members, herd members, pack. You have to watch them very closely, keep up with weight checks, and give them more attention to encourage them to stay out and be active.

I have watched how my guinea pigs respond when someone dies, and it is usually that they don’t seem to respond at all. After Potsticker died last winter, I got in touch with a rescue about information on their Twilight Fosters and if they would be interested in me, should my final piggy need a buddy. It would be down to either Lily or Murphy, and turns out my last guinea pig is Murphy.

My guinea pigs have always been in a central area of the home, and subject to a lot of foot traffic and conversations near their pen. Murphy was even born in my home, so she’s been around us giant predators since her first day with the ground under her feet. I was very nervous when her mother died in October, and it turned out that by the end of the month, Murphy needed medical attention. She was fine for a week and a half without her mother around, but after she had to have vet visits and her broken teeth attended to, she withdrew. She was frustrated and alone. She stopped talking to me for over almost two weeks, and was hiding often, and wasn’t responding to the treat call of the guinea pig: “WHEEK!”. I thought for sure that I had screwed up, and she was going to need another companion.

But she started coming out to talk to me. She started responding to piggy calls. She started to ask That Guy about treats. She was out in the open all the time. She was gaining weight back as her teeth started to grow back in correctly. She’s even vocalizing now, and I hear her voice almost every day. She was always the quiet pig and let her mother and big sister do all the squawking.

Murphy has been solo now for almost two months. I sat down on the sofa to do whatever humans do, and she stood up on the side of the pig pen and started gingerly wheeking at me. I got back up and gave her some fresh hay and stuck around for a minute or two to see if she required produce from the fridge as well. She’s doing pretty swell. A day or two ago, Dismal’s son asked if she’d had snacks and I told him “only a cookie”, so he came over to the pig pen and gave her a piece of fresh banana.

I’m really proud of her. She’s got her fourth birthday coming in February.

4 1/2 months old

Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery: made raw cat food today

I’ve been doing this for almost two years, so you’d thing I would know one small detail:

Which way does the blade go on the meat grinder?

I buy rabbit already ground with bone and organs. I end up cutting up half my turkey thighs, and the other half of my turkey thighs go through the coarse grind with all the skins. I’ve never assembled the grinder because I can’t even lift it. Dismal always sets it all up, and leaves me to it. But, today he was in a hurry to get to class.

I put together the grinder, and I jam the die on the first run. I take it apart, meat in the feeder, auger, and everything, an unholy mess, and I unplug the die with a chopstick. Put it back together and run it again. Jammed. Repeat. Repeat. Run it again. Jammed.

WHAT THE HEFF HOFF HIM JAG DO WOP AM I MISSING?! I made sure the spinny thing is keyed in the rear, I see that I matched the notch on the die with the notch on the end of the feeder, I finally tightened up the bolt on the side… WHAT?!

Try the blade. Flip the blade.

It was the blade. Turkey juice and pulp all over the grinder and part of the counter. Formula 409, baby.
Then I dropped something on top of the ceramic chop stick I left in the sink, so it’s broken.
Didn’t even care.

I was so close to trying to look up the manual on my phone after I’d wash my hands, of course. Stewart had come in and ate the mess on the floor that had dripped off the counter.

Stewart is my tux. He’s offered his services in the past: