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Friskies Lil’ Soups Lickable Cat Treats #chewyinfluencer

Chewy sent us the Friskies Lil’ Soups to try out this month at no charge. It’s a cat snack – supplemental feeding/topper, what-have-you, but it’s not meant as a complete meal. The girls don’t usually like fish, so we chose the Shrimp in Velvety Chicken Broth, because sometimes shrimp and crabs are still okay with […]

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Google is not a Veterinarian

It’s very useful, though. Amalie is my stray that I took in years ago, and she ends up at the vet about every two years for her dental disease. Now, she’s at the concerning point in her longevity that she is a senior of unknown distinction. My girl might be about 13 or so, and […]

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Would you play with giants?

I have this thought that will usually repeat every month, as to why they want to play with giants? My rats were social and brilliant in their interactions with the humans. They play with giants! Giants that they can’t even “see”. We’re these large, blurry entities. They mark us with their urine so we’re easier […]

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