You should get an update

I haven’t had anything to share in a while because everything that falls out of my head is jumbled and weird. I haven’t had the creativity in at least a month, so I’m making some changes to my medications. A few months ago I raised my anti-depressant (as a bipolar) and it’s not working out the way I’d hoped. I’ll be trying to balance my symptoms on a moderate dose. I haven’t even told my doctor yet, but I see him next month the day before the big Blog Paws conference. I’m almost 36 years old and have been in charge of my treatment for the last ten years.

Things have been going smoothly around the house. I’m finding new recipes all over the website Pinterest, and am able to budget and cook and plan for the family, while juggling my furred and feathered babies. These are good times.

I didn’t start Stop and Eat the Flowers as a money-maker, deciding that I needed a new career from corporate life, but as record keeping and therapy. It keeps me motivated, it keeps me social, and it forces me to stay creative. In my twenties, I spent four years of my life in customer service in a call center working for the nation’s second leading wireless empire, and juggled 13 guinea pigs, 2 rats, 2 cats, and a dog, as well as building a relationship with Dismal and his very small children.

Now, the kids are nearly teenagers, and I’m at 2 guinea pigs, 4 cats, and 3 tiny parrots. I hope I’m wiser, but I do miss the money and the zest I had. I hope to stay more on tops of things, but I hit this lull, and I’ll be back to more content hopefully soon.

The BlogPaws network has been connecting bloggers and influencers with partnerships for years. I believe it was in 2013 when I did work for Hills Pet over their Metabolic formula, and getting your pets back on track to a healthy, happy weight. They have lots of resources through their Facebook Groups and web page to get you on your feet if this is something you’d like to do. They hold an annual conference in different locations throughout the country, and you get to meet with founders, sponsors, and other bloggers and influencers and sit through keynote sessions and build your networking. is a major player this year. In fact, BlogPaws recently sent out an email the is acquiring BlogPaws. I can only hope this means great things in the future because in my experience, Chewy has been a lovely company. I use them in my private life, and publicly I have had the pleasure of being a Chewy Influencer each month since 2017.

Next month’s conference is their tenth annual, held in Kansas City Missouri. I’m driving from D.C. to Missouri and hanging out in a few hotels in each direction in different states. I’m going to be a first time attendee. I have my business cards, my schedule updated, my attire as an eccentric pet parent, my blue hair, and a few lipsticks.

Dismal is going to be in charge of the zoo for 1 week.

I’ll keep you posted and I hope to have even more stuff to share with you after April. If you’d like to come too, there are still tickets through April 11th at this link right here.

Super Pet Expo

Super Pet Expo is going to be coming through my region this weekend. I usually try to make sure I have $40 on me, some business cards in case I see a networking opportunity, and probably Dismal’s daughter. If you’re heading to Chantilly, last I checked, code “Happy” will give you $3 off the purchase of an online ticket.

There will be a lot of rescue groups, boutique items, usually cat furniture, couture, samples, and even TICA.

Even if you are firm in what you’re feeding your pets, keep an open mind to new foods and treats. If they’re offering free samples, accept them graciously, and if you change your mind later on – DONATE THEM. There are plenty of pets in situations where owners and rescues are in need of unopened cat and dog food. Donate to your local shelter, Humane Society, rescue, Petsmart or Petco, or even drop them off at The Big Bad Woof in the D.C. area.

FAQ on types of pets you can bring and leash requirements

Parking is free as well as re-entry with hand stamp


DFS Amusement Park

Amalie’s Dental at the Cat Clinic

I spent almost two hours away from home yesterday morning round trip in traffic to make the 7:30-8:30 a.m. drop-off.
I probably shouldn’t even have a driver’s license, but once you get one, it’s honestly really difficult to get it taken away.
That’s not the point.
Maybe an hour or so after I got home I got a call from Amalie’s Vet saying the xrays were not good. I know every time I talk to you about Amalie’s teeth, I mention her recurring FORL problem…


Her three remaining fangs were no good. I was told that others were questionable and we might have to pull up to 6 teeth, but that they would know once she was sedated and all the build up was removed, just what the rest of the tooth looked like above the gum line.

I got another call from her vet around 11 a.m. that the premolars cleaned up nicely and were safe right where they were, and that her fangs were gone, and that one fang was about ready to fracture and she was able to get it removed intact.

Now, I’m used to cats going through procedures and surgery and general anesthetic, but what I’m not use to is this pain medication they gave her: Simbadol
It appears it’s a derivative of my commonly used Buprenex, but this kitten hasn’t acted like any of my other cats on Buprenex injection. Yesterday she was trying to eat every twenty minutes, and she had nerve blocks done to pull those teeth, so none of that was really working out too well for her. Her eyes were fully dilated, so I had her spend time in a dark room for the first few hours she was home. Today she’s been much more relaxed, eyes still dilated, sometimes spacing out, but eating at more appropriate times. The vet said her pupils should respond more normally tomorrow. I believe her nerve blocks have worn off by now.

Amalie, with three dentals and 9 extractions under her belt, has now advanced on to 2nd Place.

Lala’s Most Expensive Companion continues to reign: Tommy Gargoyle (cat) $10,000+
Lala’s newest Second Place Most Expensive Companion is: Amalie (cat) $2,500-3,000
Lala’s Third Place Most Expensive Companion is now: Mr. Emerson (guinea pig) $2,000-2,500

Hard News to Share – The Rat Lady Has Died

I used to have rats years ago, and when I did I found the books by Debbie Ducommon and The Rat Fan Club, which also has a group over over 10,000 members on Facebook. Debbie has had quite the career for working with rats and their owners, as well as supplying me with costumes for my guinea pigs on her eBay page. She’s always very professional, polite, and empathetic.
This weekend, she moved on to a new position as Grand Caretaker at the Rainbow Bridge.

Taken from the Facebook public post last night:
“LEAD ADMIN VERY SAD MESSAGE : It’s with the heaviest of hearts I must inform all of our furry family that a great loss has occured. Debbie Ducommun passed away on Saturday night due to complications from the flu. I can only begin to tell all of you what a great loss this is. I have been part of the Rat Fan Club from the beginning in 1992 and I learned so much from Debbie Ducommun about caring for rats. She was a first rate person who put others and especially rats before herself. Her husband Larry Ducommun currently is taking care of her rats but if anyone in northern California can help please come forward. God now has a caretaker for all the rats at the Rainbow Bridge. So when the tears start to flow when your little ones pass remember….Debbie will be there to greet them ”

All her rats have been placed in new homes; some permanent and some foster. There was a pair of guinea pigs they were still trying to find placement for this afternoon.

Our heart goes out to her family and her many, many grateful rat parents.

Little Bastard

March “Spring Dreams” Crazy CatLadyBox – Tommy’s reaction

A few small things

Meowijuana has been giving away samples
First they were free, then they got backordered, then as demand grew they changed it to $1, and now days later it is $2 for your sample and sticker from Meowijuana if you’re interested.

I also came across an offer on a new cat and dog food Chewy is carrying.
American Journey is doing 50% off your first bag or case or a bottle of salmon oil


#chewyinfluencer for February featuring Fluker’s Freeze-dried Mealworms

We selected this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

I will preface this by saying, as I usually do: Tommy is nuts. He’s a cat. He’s a foodie.

“These nutritious worms are an excellent source of natural nutrition for a variety of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and more. They are raised to perfection, then freeze-dried to preserve the mealworms’ flavor and nutrition, providing reptiles with their natural prey in a convenient and easy-to-handle form.”

About that “and more”… Cats too, eh?

I got these for my parrots. They were slightly interested, as this is not their usual brand. These are more plump, more golden than their regular brand. When I handed them out today I only saw each bird take one instead of three or four.

I have to keep these in the pantry because the container is not smell proof, and right out of the box before I could even remove the safety seal, my cat was trying to break into this container.

I’m going to share two photos with you, leave you with the product information, and hope these mealworms have a niche in your pet family.

Tommy couldn’t contain himself. He leapt onto the counter where I was shooting, and then ate my photoset.

They’re very affordable and can be found here

These are also great as a filler item if you need to reach that magic $49 order so you get Chewy’s fast 1-2 day shipping

February #ChewyInfluencer featuring I and Love and You variety pack

I do warn you that I use my fussiest girls to try the canned and pouch foods on, because you may have a fussy cat, too.
On the other hand, Tommy eats everything that comes into this house. So, if you have one of those cats, you’ll be fine.

This month Chewy sent us this small variety pack for free to share with you, brutally honest as I need to be.

The cans are portioned well to just open one for up to 2 kitties, and walk away. I had a very hard time trying to get these 3 oz cans into my reusable lids, so there is something slightly non-standard to them. It just wouldn’t work. The names are catchy, but nothing eye catching between the three flavors; They tend to all have the same pate look and color.

Purrky Turkey

Oh my Cod

Chicken Me Out

While the Chicken and the Cod recipes were at least licked by my ladies, the popular winner is the Turkey. Which I do find interesting because their regular food is chicken, but they didn’t seem to like Chicken Me Out.

As I said earlier, Tommy has tried to break into the kitchen and eat all of the flavors, but he’s on restriction so we don’t count him in these reviews.

I hope you find this useful, as it’s difficult to find something the kitties will enjoy that is still good for them!
88 kcal/can with no artificial colors or fillers, corn or wheat, and zero gluten or by-product meals, you’ll love feeding these savory foods to your furry best friend as much as she loves eating them.

Try this with your regular order, or just try the turkey, but all orders with ship are delivered in 1-2 days with a $49 order.

1 year post PU

I haven’t written anything about this, because I don’t want to jinx it. Tommy came home from the Annandale VA hospital February 17th 2017 from having his Perineal Urethrostomy performed.

I keep seeing progress updates showing on my Facebook Memories, and we’re up to the point that he had learned how to flip his soft collar down and I had to go pick up a hard cone. I’ve watched people having complications from this procedure over on The Cat Site, over the last year. Their cats get incontinent, stricture and block again. Their cats have hard times with pain management, and their cats stop eating. I’ve seen all kinds of things happen, but with Tommy – we have been blessed.

His recovery was uneventful. His pain management very little. He perked right up after his Buprenorphine wore off. He was only eating a little bit less when he was under the influence of the bupro. I kept adding bone broth to his food. Less than a week after his surgery, I had to try to calm him down because he had energy enough to act like an idiot around his mom and dad. TOM! YOU’RE GONNA PULL YOUR STITCHES! He was super bored. Also, his sissy Yue was afraid of him for awhile after he’d come back home smelling like facilities and with a cone around his neck. His father slept with him for two weeks in the living room.

So…it’s been a year. Tommy did go under anesthesia one more time last year to get his teeth cleaned with his sissy in July. He’s almost 9 years old. His first blockage was November 30th 2016 and his last blockage was on Valentines Day 2017. Whew.