Is your cat driving you nuts?

My eldest male, Tommy Gargoyle, really has his days sometimes. They were on hiatus for a great deal of time because he was on Prozac for over a year. He was so pent up with anxiety that he was spraying everywhere, everyday. I decided in December to take him off, and see what happened.

Today is an off day.

He’s running around the house, knocking things over, ruining a moderately priced box of confectionery, about to knock my dvd player over that has my massive collection of the entire Futurama series, leaping up door frames, trying to leave the house, going nuts in the kitchen while I’m making potato salad, then having a massive fit when I pull out the jar of mayonnaise, getting up from a solid nap every time I leave my place on the bed to use the restroom and petting me while I’m on the can WHILE HE TALKS TO ME ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT.

I am so close to giving him a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet, but last time he had any, he’d built up a tolerance…



When you lose another member of your guinea pig herd

You don’t get enough time. It’s dumb, because it’s unrealistic. I had an 8 year old guinea pig start to get poorly on me, and I just kept telling myself I could get another year out of her. That wasn’t fair to her, because we’d had a long full life together. She gave me two more months, and was on her way.
I already lost Ruby a few months ago, and it rubbed me the wrong way, because she was only 2 1/2 years old. Freak, sudden thing. I just found her one morning passed onward to the Rainbow Bridge. The kids thought it was odd because her mother is still alive.


Yesterday morning Potsticker would not come out and eat daily salad pile I always put out. I whistled for her to come out, and she didn’t respond. I pulled her out of hiding and put her right up to the salad pile, and she told me right away that she felt really yucky and just wanted to go lie down, so she quickly waddled away to a secluded part of the cage.

I get on the phone and call the local place, which is always full, and then the vet office in Fairfax, VA. I got her cage together and fetched her out of hiding and placed her in the cage. First, she ran to hide under the pile of hay, then eventually realized the cuddle sack would be more appropriate and buried herself in there. I didn’t see her again.

When I got to the office, they took the cage to the back for vitals, and found her temperature at 94.5 degrees fahrenheit. They kept her on the heating pad, trying to bring her back up to a respectable piggy temp. They gave her meds, sub-q fluids. They said she need to get her temperature up high enough to address the rest of her symptoms and get her into radiology. So, she was running cold, and having difficultly breathing, but wasn’t wheezy, crackling, or presenting with runny nose. She was downright crummy.

I left her with them, and got a call a few hours later that she didn’t make it.
If I want to know with certainty what she died from, it would be a minimum $200, and I have 9 other pets to take care of. Suspicions were either her heart, or something in her lungs like a mass or fluid (pneumonia).

She was going to turn 3 years old next month, and still her mother lives.

Dad and Mom at the Humane Society

Those two Abyssinians gave me a tiny, red potato.

Who grew…

… And Grew….

Peeg Butts. Auntie Mu-Xi with Potsticker roadtrip Phoenix to DC July 2016

… and got 15 minutes of Fame!

And then the little pork dumpling left one day

Love you.

I’ll post more later. My fuzzy red potato died #guineapigs

Guinea pigs are amazing little fuzz butts

It took an extra week to get to cleaning the pig pen after I caught a cold.

They do try to take care of it themselves, if they have everything else they need.

When the guinea pigs are soiling different parts of their pen, they start dragging hay around the pig pen and lay it down over the dirty areas, and then they just live on top of that and go eat more of the new hay you put out.

I collected almost a half a trash bag full of hay this evening from the 2×6 grid pen they live in.

Husbandry. Guinea pigs know husbandry.

Man down. Cold and Flu season.

I’m not sure if it’s not cool to hotlink, but I needed a meme.

The guinea pigs need their pen cleaned. I need to make cat food because I put their meat out to thaw the day before I got sick. It’s totally ready to go. The parrots want me to spend more time in the living room. I picked out a crock pot meal for my Dismal to make yesterday. Pretty sure I gotta scoop the litter boxes.
Thankfully there are only 10 pets to care for this year.

The skin between my nose and upper lip is really tender and the entire area around my eyes feels like a cat has slept on my face.

One item I will keep advertising on here is the Oxbow Harvest Stacks for your small mammals that consume copious amounts of hay. I ordered a bunch on sale for my conference I’m going to in April, because Dismal doesn’t handle loose hay. I got him to set some out for my lady guinea pigs yesterday, and I put out another puck of this hay today. Each box gives you 6 chunks of compressed timothy hay, and each chunks last about a day for my three piggies.

So, if you’re sneezing your face off, or leery of sneezing your face off, these babies have 80% less dust than loose hay!

I’m planning on making the cat food tomorrow since this doesn’t seem like it’s going to turn into a URI and send me to urgent care for antibiotics and steroids and that cocktail cough syrup made with vicodin. I can’t wait for my ears to stay open. I keep going outside while it’s freezing and just standing there when I’m overheating. The oral thermometer says no fevers. Keyword: ORAL

I’ve been making cat food for 1 year

I believe this is the mark of the first day I made the cat food for the boys. It took at least six months to work out a system. I found a reliable store to source my turkey thighs, and I learned to start buying as much as possible when it comes to my rabbit from Hare-Today to avoid additional packing charges and maximize shipping affordability. I was spending $95 each month with HT, and I got it down to about $230 for 4 months on the rabbit. WhooYahh.
The store I get the turkey from… I go in there armed…with a big cloth grocery bag.
I see if my timing is right for their restock. When I nail it, the turkey thighs have just been put out, have 7 days generally until expiry, and are still partially frozen. Then I take that big cloth grocery bag *weight limit 30 lbs* and I CLEAN THEM OUT.
I leave a great, mighty hole in the poultry department for the next patron.

We also got to review a wild Alaskan salmon oil from TerraMax Pro, that came with a pump on the bottle, and that saves time over cutting open the capsules of my other fish oil I was running low on.

It was pretty overwhelming when I got started, but now it’s a regular thing month after month, with a routine in place.
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

CISNO Cat Heating Pad Electric Warmer Pad Mat

Stop and Eat the Flowers was sent this unit at a discount to provide you with an honest review.

CISNO Cat Heating Pad Electric Warmer Pad Mat

IC control box with LED indication
Temperature display and 7 temperature levels to adjust(25-55 Celsius*)
55 degree thermal protector
Single circuit provides consistent heat
Soft PVC envelope enclosure
chew resistant cord casing
Flexible and fits most pet beds

*converted 77-131 Fahrenheit

Excellent warmer pad for using at home, garage, porch, kennel, or dog crate.
Medium Size: 12″x 16″. Ideal for providing warmth to your pet during a cold day. It’s also great for unwell pets, puppies, kitten, elderly pets, or pets recuperating after an injury.
It has a long power cord with a metal cord protector to deter chewing, and it is also built in power surge protection module.

When your pets curl up on it, temp will raise up at the level you set in 28 minutes.

For purposes in our home, we left this in front of the heating vent, so that the cats would still have something warm to curl up with, after the heating unit for the house was on idle. It is 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I’ve also changed covers on it easily. The cord is extremely durable. This unit also boasts Waterproof, but we haven’t tested this feature. For trial purposes, unit was set to 30.

I like knowing I have this on hand. You never know if you’re going to have to foster kittens or take care of a poorly pet. The lowest setting on this device is guinea pig safe at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but I would only use it for them if it were exceptionally cold outside and not confined to a space that is only as large as the heating pad. Our regular electric blanket we risked using for Tommy after surgery wouldn’t have been safe from urine, in case of any accidents.

This is an item I think you should consider keeping on hand. Cisno did a good job putting this one together, but you do have to go a quick conversion for temperature that you can ask your Smartphone, Google Home, or Alexa device to help you out with. Old fashioned computers and Google Search Engine works, too.

Christmas Tree Ornament from Paper Matthew *Ross*

Dismal insists that no one buy him anything this year for Yule/Christmas. What’s so frustrating to me is that I don’t listen, and I want to get him just one cool thing, but he has EVERYTHING. I should listen better. Maybe.

I opened my Hauspanther email on December 11th, and there it was!

“New Holiday Paper Cat Sculptures from Matthew Ross” has a really amazing gallery

This was definitely it. Dismal’s cat, Stewart, has some unique markings. He is a beautiful tuxedo cat, with a smudged nose, a goatee, and a hint of rusty gold in one eye.


Dismal with Stewart

The best way to a person’s heart is through their pet or their children. This was perfect.

Online bird supplies: My Safe Bird Store

This shop is a dedicated supply store. There is not store front for birds at this location. You’ll never have to worry about your items being contaminated by some bird illness and brought into your home. Kathie has been doing this for years, and doing it well. I bought a double flight cage back in Phoenix in 2013, and I was definitely happy, but I ended up just putting it on the back burner for my regular supplies.

Honestly, I took a risk in buying my toys and treats from a local bird store in Arizona as well as a local rescue. Then I moved out here just on the edge of Washington D.C. and the nearest bird store is in Falls Church, VA. I bought one item from them on a visit when I first got here, and I don’t feel comfortable going back. Birds everywhere. Then I started buying off Amazon, thinking that was responsible and more affordable. I buy a 25 lb sack of Harrison’s every year for the girls around $150, and thought that was being responsible over buying the 5 lb sack every other month.

No, Lala, turn your brain back on.

Then it clicked. Go back and check out My Safe Bird Store.

I have been throwing away money.

Over $20 on Amazon

They have it for less than $15
My big bag of Harrison’s? It’s $130.99
Follow their Facebook Page for sneak discounts.

I didn’t even touch on customer service. During the checkout I was asked if I have a cat or a dog.

So, here’s my break down:
I ordered 12 play mats. I saved $64.50 vs Amazon, plus a holiday discount, and let me show you everything that blew my mind.

Oh Hi Tom

Everything is individually wrapped

Da birbs are happy

What’s this?


I think we’ve got some bonus foot toys to put together for the fids

And my kitties got a mouse to play with

If you didn’t have a reason before, now you have to.

I have some new finds for you for December #reviews #chewyinfluencer allows me two new items each month to review for you, and this month we have some very affordable options for your birds, and your miniature fuzz butts.

Booda Medium Comfy Bird Perch Available in 14, 21, and 32 inches

We requested the 21 inch for our corner cage, which houses our 3 green cheek conures. These particular birds are about 70 grams a piece for your reference. It installed easily around the bars of the cage. The end pieces have a notch in them to slip your bar into, and then a cap that twists around the other side of the bar and locks it into place. This item is not just good for your birds, but I know from experience that you can probably get away with giving one of these to your pet rats as well.

Here are our nosy ladies, wondering why I’m trying to take pictures: Idris, Jak, and Koi

Installed down the back wall, with a Jak butt hanging out of the Happy Hut up top

New mat was hung behind the Booda Comfy Bird Perch

The other item we have is for “rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets”

Peter’s Veggie Salad Bowl Small Animal Treats, 3.5-oz bag

This was a neutral/success. It took them some time to try to destroy it.

Product contains timothy hay, dried carrots and broccoli, and potentially dried apples and cranberries, but I’m seeing different ingredients features on different parts of the product description.

Inside and outside of what is left after 1 1/2 weeks

I know at the beginning I mentioned affordability, but I mean it; You can get both of these for under $15.
As with all orders on Chewy: once your cart reaches $49, you can receive your items in 1-2 days with free shipping.