It never ends!

*shakes little fists at the sky*

It’s going to be tight. We have three ice cube trays left of food for the boys, and I just put one in the fridge.
Then I rush to gather 9 lbs of frozen rabbit and 10 lbs (bones to be removed) frozen turkey and rearrange the downstairs fridge and set out the meat on the shelves.

The meats takes 2-3 days to thaw.

So, I go check on this bag of commercial raw food nuggets I have in the freezer for such an occasion. There is enough for exactly 1 day.

You did this to yourself. You had an idea that you should have checked how much prepped food is left in the freezer two days ago to set out new meat, and you forgot, again.

Yep. It’s going to be tight. It’ll work, but whoa’yeah.

October #chewyinfluencer

As a #ChewyInfluencer, I receive free product to provide you with an honest review. October’s offers were pretty successful.

Oxbow Timothy Club Small Animal Mat

Tiki After Dark

The guinea pig’s mat was regifted to the cats, who love the thing. At the competitive pricing, I would buy a mat for my cats again, after this one is destroyed. The cat food was a resounding SUCCESS. My cats had never had Tiki before, and I was pleased to see that they had Tiki After Dark, as a variety that isn’t heavy in fish.
I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Pretty much the only time my cats get fish is if I’m eating sushi. The boys love sushi.

And as always, 1-2 day shipping to the US with any orders of $49 or over.

This is what they think of me

Family brought these back from Ohio.

Waiting for my restock notification from Hare-Today

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

This company has been supplying me my rabbit for our home made raw food since December 2016. The last order I placed was the end of June and I just used the last of it a week ago. I need to put in a new order, but we made some changes to the formula so math comes in to play. I used to buy the 2 lb chubs of skinned, gutted, whole ground rabbit, and that is well stocked – but now I need the 1 lb chubs.

The recipe I use is for 3 lbs of meat, and Dr Pierson said to do 50/50 bone-in to bone-less instead of 2:1. With the 2 lb chubs I had, the smallest amount I could make to cover the month and was divisible by 3 was TWENTY FOUR LBS OF MEAT. That… is a hell of a lot of cat food.

I decided this time around, I wanted to do 18. 9 lbs of rabbit and 9 lbs of turkey.
I need 1 lb chubs this time.

A friend of mine is interested in trying their product too, but can’t fulfill their 10 lb minimum order, so he’s going to end up piggy backing on my S&H and should be ordering with me.

‘night, Ruby

Ruby was born in my home with her sisters Murphy and Potsticker back in February 2015. She left unexpectedly this morning, even before her mother, Lily. 

This pigture was taken the day after her birth, with Murphy tucked away behind her. 

An article on Tommy, contributed by Catsarell (age 10)

September #ChewyInfluencer lets me choose a few products every month at no charge so that I can review them honestly, and share them with you.

I’m not a big reader. I normally do not have the focus for it, honestly. But, when Chewy had an option for a collection of short stories about cats this month, I jumped on it.

Chicken Soup For the Soul
“I Can’t Believe my Cat did That”

Currently, it’s priced around $10 on

I haven’t finished my copy yet, but I can tell you there is a cat that picks out his own kitten, despite his mother’s protests and another cat that strangely behaves like Noah and his Ark. Some chapters are very quirky and others end up tugging at your heart strings. I plan on gifting this book over to my step daughter.

The other item we ended up with this month is the Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Oversized Crackling Tube

Right now it’s priced at $8.29 at
It’s 23″ long, and with a 6″ opening it’s perfect for ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits and other small animals.
But you know what small critter we always test on in my house? GUINEA PIGS!
We ended up with purple and I laid it out for the girls in the clean pen. They explored with caution, but eventually settled right into it. This Instagram post has 2 slides:

They’re so adorable charging through the tube from one end to the other, making tiny little crinkle noises and sometimes taking naps. They get a little too comfortable for a mom’s taste. I cleaned it out last night and there was old pee and crushed up poop caked inside. It was easy though as I sprayed the inside with my 50/50 spray bottle of white vinegar and water, let it set at least 5 minutes, then rinsed it out and finished up by swabbing it out with a paper towel.
If you had an interest in any of these items, please know that your order will arrive within 1-2 days and shipping is always free over $49. We place orders for our cats, guinea pigs, and parrots and hope to continue having new items to tell you about every month as a Chewy Influencer.

Rhea the naked bird has passed away

Rest In Peace my sweet angel. I will love you forever. September 26, 2017 __ On Tuesday morning, I received the most difficult call so far in my life. Rhea was found sleeping, very peacefully. A sleep that will last a lifetime. Sometime around 3:00am she passed away, she passed to a better life. That’s the thing with life, non of us are here to stay forever and we have to appreciate every second of it, because it’s very short. PBFD is a terrible disease. It’s known for causing sudden deaths, which is exactly what happened to Rhea. She went to sleep and never woke up. A part of me is thankful that she left this world this way, with no pain and no suffering; she left with a first class ticket, as my great-grandpa used to say. Although physically she looked ok, she was her happy self, she had energy, she had appetite and everyday she woke up ready to rule the world, internally, she was not. Her organs were probably extremely compromised and not ok, which is what we didn’t see or realize. She had monthly checkups and everything seemed just fine. She showed NO signs whatsoever, which has made this process even more confusing. We can’t blame this on anyone. The truth is that we did everything in our control to give her the best life. No medication, no treatment and no doctor would have been what was needed for her to live longer. This was simply PBFD and a natural cause of death. It’s life. As you can imagine, I am completely heartbroken, sad, angry at this situation, confused, can’t stop crying, feeling helpless, pissed that I couldn’t say goodbye, but thankful about the time I got to spend with her. I am thankful about every lesson she taught me [and the entire world]. Please understand that this is a difficult time for me and for Fabiana’s family. Try to be sensible about this situation and try to understand our pain while we mourn her. __ I will keep this account alive to honor her life and remember her.

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I haven’t been around

Mentally, I haven’t been completely, 100%, checked in. Nothing awesome has happened this month. We haven’t even been taking pictures on Instagram. Then I got sick over the weekend. I have this Google doc to upload as a JPEG to show you what boyfriend’s daughter has made for Tommy for the blog, and then I have to put up some product information before the month end. Also, I think by next weekend I have another product to tell you about. I have 34 days left to deadline that one, but I’m making another batch of cat food before then.

So, I have more stuff coming. Very soon. It will happen.

The Tommy #CatsOfInstagram #Catstagram #AllYouNeedIsLove #AndACat

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