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We moved.
The cats are mostly good.
The other girls are still in travel cages.
My body does not belong to me anymore when I try to use it.
I lost my laptop charger.

Dismal is charging my laptop with one of his Chromebook chargers, so I should be back up and running, but it’s going to take the week to bring this household back up to functional code.

The kitchen is open, and I have no idea how I’m going to make a batch of cat food on the next go.

Caru Pet Food Classics Stew for your cats

I was able to try this out from the BlogPaws conference in April. I brought samples home and tried them on my girls, and they loved them. I found out later this spring that they had come to Chewy. Everyone seems to be a little hesitant to try them, as no one had reviewed them. I decided to reach out to Caru and get a few more free samples to post about online. Today we have managed to do Word of Mouth to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can find those accounts on the right side of the page.

I was already familiar with Caru bone broth from my friend Stacy at PetsWeekly. Tommy Gargoyle had gone through his surgery last winter, and we were supplementing his food with bone broth to get added nutrients and glucosamine. A few months ago, it was even included in Chewy’s Grain Free Goody Box.

Now, they do make Stews for your dogs, too. It’s just that I’m a feline home at the moment, so that’s the focus.

Chicken and Crab Stew, Wild Salmon and Turkey Stew, Turkey Stew, and Chicken Stew are available.

Caru Baked Bites were included in our package

Here is some information from CaruPetFood.com about the packaging:

You don’t need scissors to open the Tetra Pak. You tear along the perforated line, pop the corners up, and pour. To close, you just need to flatten the corners and tuck it back closed. No plastic wrap, lids, foil, clips. It’s done. Because of the shape of the package, there is no wasted space when storing your case. Easy to stack, easy to carry around in my hand bag *true story*, and BPA free.

Caru Classic Stews for cats are slow cooked in small batches to look, smell and taste like homemade. Made from 100% human grade, non-GMO ingredients in a USA human food plant.
I am tempted to try it myself, but I just ate a piece of fruit because I was guilty of eating a bag of chips. Balance, people.

Back to those treats…
I haven’t tried them on my girls, because everyone here has learned by now that the girls are the pickiest felines in the house, but the boys LOVE THESE. USDA chicken, no grains, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or meals, and NON GMO.

Why do I feel like my fids eat better than I do?

You can easily order your Caru from Chewy.com Caru Classics Stew come in 6 oz Tetra Paks in a case of 12.

Why am I late? re: content

Everyone is perfectly fine.
School let out in the middle of June.
My back started screwing up weeks ago and hasn’t mended. I don’t get it.
As school let out, Dismal and his children fly to Phoenix so they get summer with their mother. I am in charge of the house entirely for these few days.
Dismal came back for a few days.
Dismal left for vacation in Florida. I am in charge of the house entirely for 1 week.
Stuff has to be done in prep for a move across town next weekend.
Lots of arrangements with accounts and utilities and uHaul and movers.
Chores, errands, chores, errands.
Making a large batch of raw cat food.

I haven’t set firm deadlines for anything if it hasn’t been related to moving and getting the house together so the kids can come back and transition into a new house in a new school year at a new school without a bunch of tragic teenager bullsnot plaguing them.

I have a bird product I would like to see if we can demo for you that didn’t make it in May because Monkey laid an omelette.

Things should start to calm down around the third week of July. We have three days to move into the new house and clean up the old house. I think I am going to try to move the animals over on day 1, because day 2 we have uHaul and the movers, and day 3 is final clean up at the old residence.

How am I turning 36 this month and don’t have a mortgage? I spent a decade in Phoenix and it never occurred to me that “hey I really think I should buy a house here” and that we spent so much money on the cross country 2 years ago that nothing has accrued to put towards a down payment. Besides- Our property management company makes things pretty easy.

I really need to go back to work after we settle in and get Dismal’s semester schedule from the university. It’ll finally pay off Tommy’s vet bills. I think we’re down to eight thousand. Then Amalie’s dental work. Then the old guinea pig bills from Mu-Xi, Potsticker, and then Lily’s spay.

I’ve gotten better with cooking great recipes around sales and couponing, instead of meal planning and THEN shopping. Sweet jeebs, I can save up to $200 a month for a family of 13. FOUR. FAMILY OF FOUR.


June #chewyinfluencer Nature’s Variety Instinct Minced Recipe Cups

For your felines in four flavors available here on Chewy

In June, everything around the house seems to have hit the fan, so I’m a bit behind – But let me tell you how the girls did with this item we chose at no charge from Chewy.com

The ladies are fussy. I will tell you that any food I’ve tried through Chewy always ends up being signed off on by my oldest male, Tommy Gargoyle. It’s the ladies that we want to pass the test.

It’s a hit. We got the Minced Recipe in chicken, and the gravy gets licked off first, but they finish it with no fuss. I have to admit that we are very familiar with Nature’s Variety Instinct in this house. We’ve done kibble with Raw Boost, Healthy Weight kibble, raw frozen medallions, and pate cans. I truly hope you will find something that works for your family.

Take a look

Satisfy your pet’s need for real food with Instinct by Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Chicken Wet Cat Food Cups. Guided by the belief in raw, this recipe unlocks your cat’s ability to thrive. It’s thoughtfully balanced with wholesome foods, like real chicken plus fruits and vegetables, with a delicious minced texture in a savory gravy. The result is a tasty, high animal protein diet that promotes maximum digestibility, strong muscles, and a healthy coat and skin.
97 kcal/3.5 oz cup

The amount that your cat will need is totally dependent on your cat based on their weight and activity, or if you are doing combination feeding with both wet and dry food.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

And remember orders $49 an up ship in 1-2 days with FREE SHIPPING

June #chewyinfluencer Oxbow Natural Science Small Animal Supplement

I’m a little behind, but let me share some new items with you. In a separate post, we will be using our cats, but with Oxbow we tested our guinea pigs.

What Chewy gave us (gratis) this month were Vitamin C Tabs, made with compressed hay, and very easy to administer to your guinea pig. While they have an entire line for your small exotics ranging from chinchillas to rabbits for a variety of health topics, it is essential that you make sure your guinea pig receives regular vitamin C, either through a quality pellet *yay, Oxbow*, fresh fruits and veggies, or a supplement – ESPECIALLY IF YOUR GUINEA PIG IS POORLY. These are great for recovering sows and boars after surgery or illness… if your guinea pig is not too clever: I will explain shortly.

Find it here!

Provide essential Vitamin C to support your small pet’s overall health with Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Small Animal Supplement. Like humans, Guinea Pigs cannot produce Vitamin C on their own and rely on their diet for this essential vitamin. Without it, Guinea Pigs can develop a condition that in humans is known as scurvy. This condition can cause lethargy, weight loss, poor tooth development and nasal discharge. Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Small Animal Supplement is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing the essential stabilized Vitamin C Guinea Pigs need to stay healthy. Other small pets can benefit from this supplement during times of stress, illness or recovery. Along with Vitamin C, it contains timothy grass, barley flour and oat grout flour for fiber and flax seed meal for protein. Feed rabbits, Guinea Pigs and chinchillas 1 tab a day and rats ¼ tab a day.

cherry tomato to scale

I don’t have the original packaging. My famously hungry cat, Tommy Gargoyle, stole the bag from beneath the guinea pig pen, carried it across the house, and started eating it under my bed. So… that happened.

1) cat approved (oh geez)
2) My youngest piggy, Murphy, took these from me right away
3) I tried Murphy’s mom, Lily. “Lady. These are not treats. You said there would be treats.”
3.1) Try Lily the next day “Lady. Why do you insist they are treats? You said there would be treats. I agree: They are not poisonous.”
3.2) Try Lily the next day “Hey Lady. I’ll take it from you, but promise me a treat soon.”
3.3) Try Lily the next day “Hey Lady. Oh! Thank you!”

Everyone approves. If I can continue to convince Lily if she is ever poorly, this is so much easier than handling her when she feels like yuck, than to end up giving her a liquid syringe of vitamin C through her adorable piggy lips.

Even still, a few years ago, I was giving the Urinary Support tabs to guinea pigs Chai and Mu-Xi. Chai had bladder sludge and was 7 or 8 years old.

If your pet refuses to try something, hang in there for a few days if you can. Their reluctance and your persistance together might just turn things around.

All orders $49 and up ship free with Chewy in 1-2 days

Do the best with what you’ve got

I’m having a problem with the timing of my cat food. The rabbit supplier did not have stock to meet last’s weeks cutoff for shipping. I got the restock notification later in the week, so my order is shipping today. It won’t be here until Wednesday, and it’s usually frozen. I am almost sure by my math that I will run out of the boys’ raw cat food by Wednesday. I have a bag of commercial raw in my freezer, just for things like this, but I’m not sure how many days worth are in it. Thawing out the rabbit and the turkey will commence when the rabbit arrives, but it likely will not be ready to make the cat food until Saturday.

I may have to buy another bag from the pet store.

Then there is another item of concern: I move in a little less than three weeks. I’ll be moving with a rather large box of homemade cat food in ice cube trays, plus 27 lbs of frozen rabbit, into a house without a dedicated freezer.

I am aiming for purchasing a large upright frost-free freezer with the sales around the fourth of July, and then request they deliver it the 13th or 14th to the new house, before we vacate this house on the 15th.

It’ll work out. It has to.

In other news, I think my back issues are finally starting to subside after two weeks. Which is great, because I have a bunch of stuff to do. I ordered the largest uHaul truck they have, hoping to not have to disassemble the bird cage or pig pen. I still think I have to hire movers to help because I am not a physical person, and Dismal can’t carry a sofa or dresser by himself, no matter how creative he is.
The big part of this move that has us apprehensive, is that the upstairs of the house is carpeted. Our male cats have this tiny little issue of spraying things (especially Tom) when they are worked up about something. Tommy gets food anxiety, if you can believe that? He eats 6 times a day, and is always convinced it’s never coming again. I’m thinking of getting indoor/outdoor runners to put along the front of closet doors and regular doors around the upstairs. Just a thought.

#Basepaws DNA Catkit update #6 Tommy is getting sequenced

Tommy during his collection for BasePaws

Click here to order your CatKit

6 days later with the Green Cheek egg layer

No more eggs. Koi Monkey has been charming. She hasn’t been goofing off in her previous nesting location and is very active and outgoing. She talks to me all the time and we banter back and forth with our birdie phrases. Sometimes she wants to hang out with me personally, and sometimes she hops on my finger to go look out the window above the screen.

If I start talking to her from across the room, she’ll bob up and down enthusiastically to beckon me over to her.

I can’t say for sure that her chest feathers are in a state to grow back yet, as I can only get a good look at the area when she’s wet after a bath. Other than that, she’s absolutely floofy (floofie?) and it’s not blatantly obvious she began plucking.

I need to go fetch another sea grass mat from the basement to give the girls something to do after they destroyed the last one. It’s okay; it’s their job.

Tommy Gargoyle – The weight struggles with my cat

When Tommy was a young man, his mother overdid it and let him eat all the time, and balloon to 21 lbs.
That was me. I love this guy, and I didn’t know better.
We got his measurements taken at the vet’s office and they told me he was honestly a 13.1 lb cat underneath.
We took a few years and got him to his goal weight. I wasn’t sure we’d reached it until we had to do another vet visit for issues with him spraying. They updated his records with his new weight, and he got a prescription for Prozac.
Maintaining his weight was easy. He was 7 years old. I found out he was losing weight again last May, and we worked for 2 months to slowly bring it back up because he was due to go under general anesthesia in July for a teeth cleaning.
Why are you losing all this weight, Tom? It was almost a pound, and I hadn’t changed his diet.
I got him back up to 13 lbs, and later in January, I took him off the Prozac.
Here comes the weight loss again. He started acting like that kitten I met back in 2009. Instant metabolism at 9 years old.
He eats A LOT of food. He’s on a raw diet with 6 1/2 ounces a day, and the mix includes all the skin from the poultry. By comparison, Stewart is 13 lbs and only eats 4 ounces a day.
Tom still loses weight.
I have to supplement his feeding. You can do this with egg yolk, but I decided to use dehydrated raw from Stella and Chewy. We had received it once from Chewy to try on the girls (they haven’t liked raw food no matter how they receive it) and then from the booth at BlogPaws in Kansas City this year. He’s been getting 1/4 cup 1xday almost every day.
He’s gained a few ounces since May. Finally.
Tom weighed 12 lbs 6 oz this morning. Dude… that is a lot of food.

I did get blood done last year to check for hyperthyroidism, but he was clear. It’s an add-on test for another $100 from the regular blood work. When in doubt, “check it out”.

#Basepaws DNA Catkit update #5 : 9 lb Princess Yue Pants is Maine Coon

Yes, but not really.

“Because of the frequency of Domestic/mixed breed in the cat population, even a slight deviation from Domestic indicates a preference for this breed. The width of the marker indicates the exactness of our prediction. If your cat does not clearly match a breed, your cat is most likely a Domestic.”

Click to view original size

These are Princess Yue Pants’ Top three commonalities above.

4. Tennessee Rex
5. Birman
6. Devon Rex
7. Siamese
8. Japanese Bobtail
9. Himalayan
16.British Shorthair
17.Ragdoll (this is what we’d expected somewhere, and she has a little influence)
18.Egyptian Mau
19.American Shorthair

The Wild Cat Index they list for her is something that I truly don’t understand, yet.
Her top result is for the Fishing Cat.

What I am waiting for, as data presents itself, are the next reports for both “Health” and “Features”, so I can tell you what we’ve found and what to expect.

We do still have one cat pending: Tommy Gargoyle
Tommy is very different from his sissy, Yue. We’re excited over the next completed sequencing for him.

Tommy Gargoyle

So what does this mean?
TICA or The International Cat Association wasn’t even established until 38 years ago. It recognizes 71 breeds for competing in their championships. There are only 4,000 members world wide. Purebred cats don’t have the history that purebred dogs do when compared to the stats for the AKC (202 breeds and 134 years of experience).
Your cat may show many markings, temperament, build of a certain breed, but they weren’t selectively bred from that breed.
You have a beautiful domestic cat. Your best friend can be from many mixed lines and came out into this wonderful combination that is your own. If you do have a Pure Breed cat result, then your feline is in an elite class of well intentioned breeders bringing him or her into this world to make that breed better.

Your results will continue to update over time, though I can’t say how far apart the updates may be, as BasePaws recently made it to their alpha reports after a year of compiling.

Order your CatKit to learn more about your feline and build the database so we can get more results for you, sooner. Be sure to follow their blog and social media for promotions. UPDATED current promo is “pawthersday18” to get your CatKit for $70!