Purrfect Cat Box still available on Kickstarter

I backed this. I’m so excited to get my four pack in October. This has been fully funded.

Nature’s Variety Sales on Chewy.com

I’m not even sure how long this lasts, but CHECK OUT THIS PAGE for the deals. It’s for goggies and kitties, and I bought my cases of Instinct chicken cans for less than $1.80 per can.

Frozen, freeze dried, kibble, canned… SO MANY ITEMS AVAILABLE WITH SAVINGS!

I hope you find something you can use. $49+ ships free within with typically 1-2 day delivery.

#BasePaws DNA CatKit Update #7 – Tommy Gargoyle

This guy

Tommy Gargoyle

We are already working to add five new breeds to the database (including Munchkin, Russian Blue, and Norwegian Forest Cat) and will be introducing health markers for PKD, HCM, blood type and others.” – email

Tommy’s profile might still change as the new breeds are added, but this is what we got:

Click to Enlarge

This is too funny. He got a mixed recognized breed of the exact two cats listed beneath, in similarity. Tonkinese, Burmese, and Siamese.
He’s still a Domestic, but has a much stronger similarity with his top three breeds than his sissie, Princess Yue Pants.


All these cats sound like total characters, as is my bub

5. Ragdoll
6. Oriental Shorthair
7. Napoleon

Napoleon. *snerk*

8. Devon Rex
9. British Shorthair
11.American Shorthair

There ya go. This isn’t like when I took my 2 DNA tests at all. I find Tom’s results entirely amusing, because if he’s carrying traits from all these random breeds, it explains so much on why this guy has always been a nutter. Variety is the Spice of Life, and that is my baby cat. As we get new results, I will keep you updated on both cats we’ve had tested.

Click here to order your CatKit

The Purrfect Cat Box Kickstarter UPDATE

Nature’s Miracle Oxy Pet Stain & Odor Remover Fresh Scent #chewyinfluencer

Chewy.com let us check this out for free in July, to get an honest opinion and get the information out to you.

Can be found here at Chewy

Nature’s Miracle makes a large line of products, and my cats keep us busy using their products. We just moved into a house with carpet running from the front door to the two smaller bedrooms. Oh no, we thought, as one cat had piddled in fear on the hallway carpeting, when Stewart had her cornered. We had just moved in, and couldn’t find this new product in our home, or our bottle of Advanced enzymatic cleaner. I left in my car and came home an hour later with our trusty red bottle from the old residence where we were still cleaning things out. The next week, I located our new Oxy trial bottle.

I was nervous to try it out on my cats. I just did their litter boxes a few days ago and sprayed them out with Nature’s Miracle Oxy Pet Stain & Odor Remover, waited five minutes, and wiped them out. It doesn’t smell anything like my routine Nature’s Miracle, but the cats found the “Fresh Scent” as unoffensive, and used all the litter boxes in the house within 15 minutes.

I also think someone vomited on the carpeted stairs yesterday, so I sprayed some on over it, and laid a towel down and walked on that to blot it. Stewart hasn’t told me that something smells offensive on the stairs, yet. When he smells bodily fluids that don’t belong, he will attempt to cover them up and bury them, whether it’s Yue vomit, or his own spray from when he’s anxious.

I have had no complaints from the cats. If my snooty cats have no problem with it, I’m sure your dog will be okay with it as well.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to pet.

They have a separate line of product for that. There is even a line to put in your laundry, to clean your carpets…All kinds.

The vomit Princess

She just heaved up a tablespoon or so of wet food right outside my bedroom door less than five minutes ago. Out with the spray again.
Stewart already walked by the now drying carpet, and had nothing to tell me about it. He’s sitting on my laptop bag, minding his own business.

All orders $49+ ship free in 1-2 days on Chewy

Victor Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food #chewyinfluencer

July brought us an opportunity to try Victor Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy for our picky girls, at no cost, as long as I could provide you with an honest review. I hadn’t heard of Victor, and neither had Yue or Amalie, so we started with a clean slate.

Victor Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food brings a delicious dose of flavor to your cat’s mealtime. This tasty, natural cat food has added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients to keep your four-legged friend in peak health. And it packs a wholesome blend of ingredients, with an impressive first three—chicken, chicken broth and chicken liver. Best of all, it’s an easy way to incorporate extra moisture into your cat’s diet, important for keeping your cat healthy and avoiding potential health issues like urinary blockages. Spoil your cat at every mealtime with Victor Victor Shredded Chicken Dinner in Gravy Canned Cat Food.

It says “shredded”…
When I opened the can…

Yep. It’s long chunks, or perhaps “shredded” pate? If your cat only prefers shredded food textures, this is your warning. However, I’ve given my girls all textures except mousse, so lets see how it tastes!

I left it out for the evening, and came back to an empty bowl. I put more out, started making lunch, and after a bit I heard crunching. I turned around to find Princess Yue Pants stuffing her face on kibble. Yue has always liked wet food more than Amalie. My shtick here is to first pass the Yue Test, and then see if Amalie agrees that it is food as well. Yue eats primarily wet, while Amalie is primarily dry. Sometimes we end up with wet foods that neither of them like. Hmm. We found a food that Amalie eats, but not my Princess?

This has never happened. I can’t make heads or tails of it.

I apologized to Yue and gave her some wet that I knew she’d eat.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

141 kcal/can and the first four ingredients are Chicken Broth, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Dried Egg White.
I thought this was going to be a routine trial.

This also comes as a Turkey and Salmon dinner, but the girls won’t eat salmon.

I am at such a loss for words.

If you’d like to give it a try they sell in a case of 24 5.5 oz cans, and any order at $49 or above ships free with Chewy in 1-2 days.

Washing fleece bedding – Guinea pig laundry – The gross of it

The D.C. area has been getting rained on for weeks. Flash flood warning every few days.
We just moved into a new house and our stuff is everywhere. What did I do with the guinea pig laundry I needed to do?
Good question.

It went out back on the deck. Dismal tried to put a cover over it, but it kept getting blown off. I brought it over last Sunday or Monday.
That’s a lot of rain. I finally got to do their laundry today.

I picked up the laundry basket. Golden liquid spilled out everywhere on my jeans and shoes.
Aww frick it’s piggy sewage!
I kept tipping the basket and golden water would pour out. I made it to the driveway with the wet mess, and I tipped the basket on it’s side in the drive, where this torrent of fluids kept pouring out down to the curb like I’d left the hose on, except that water isn’t PIGGY SEWAGE.
Eventually the water stopped pouring out, and I hoisted it into the back seat of my car, where the rear seats were down and there was already a folded dog crate in the back from the move. I left the basket over the crate if there were more dripping; the crate has a tray.

I got it done. Brought the clean laundry home from the old laundromat, and left the basket full in the dining room floor. Stewart proceeded to nap in it.

I stripped down and took a shower. With soap. Lots of soap.
So glad I don’t have O.C.D.
Would never feel clean from that.

Kickstarter – The Purrfect Cat Box

We pledged the Super Early Bird 4-pack today!

Hurricane Katrina Rescue Dog passes away at age 14

I knew Roxie. My parents were still living in Texas, while I was off in Los Angeles for the year. My mother, Kandy, got Roxie from a rescue after the hurricane had done it’s damage, and left so many of their people and pets displaced and looking to put their lives back together.
This angel had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and mom thought she could help her by giving her a safe, loving home with new security.

I met Roxie on a visit that year. She would spend her days behind the recliner in the far corner of the living room. I thought to myself, “what in the world is Mom going to do with this girl?”. I’d dealt with dogs with social issues, but this little girl was lost in her environment.

When I visited my parents last year, she would come over for a biscuit. You could pet her and tell baby Freckles that she was a sweet girl, but socializing with people who didn’t live with her would wear her out, and she would go recoup under the love seat once you were done showing affection. She never truly got over the hump.

I last saw her in April. She was still healthy and happy.

But I got a call before dawn on Thursday morning, and she had died of heart failure during the night. There were not enough words to console my parents. I want to be stunned that she passed, but she was the oldest dog my parents ever had. What I didn’t want is the grief my parents have had, and the awkwardness in the home from the hole that she left around her two adopted brothers. Everyone lost my Lila dog last year around age 11, and now they are buried next to each other in a nice space on the property.

All dogs go to heaven.

We will return to your regular scheduled programming

We moved.
The cats are mostly good.
The other girls are still in travel cages.
My body does not belong to me anymore when I try to use it.
I lost my laptop charger.

Dismal is charging my laptop with one of his Chromebook chargers, so I should be back up and running, but it’s going to take the week to bring this household back up to functional code.

The kitchen is open, and I have no idea how I’m going to make a batch of cat food on the next go.